There’s the most unethical actions done by us

There’salways an invisible division between a Human and Computer which is franklyspeaking often intentionally forgotten by us people. Yes, we do itintentionally and one best example of this is the unethical use of computertogether with such awful behaviour despite of our mind having enough knowledgeabout set of rightful things or decision we sometimes intend to acknowledgewhat we want to do without concerning about the society and the environment welive in, instead of choosing what we ought to do for the betterment of all. Weall know that Internet is a globally use connection for interacting with oneanother may it be from people of an island to another island, a country toanother country and continent to continent name it and you can still have itbut though there’s always an exception some part of the world doesn’t haveinternet connection but it is only few, I mean it can only be counted in lessthan five fingers. Upon reading the research article it awakens the sleepingcuriosity in me about what are the most unethical actions done by us peoplewith or without the proper knowledge that we are committing it already. I willjust focus on the first top three most common Unethical Action and I will givereaction or suggestion on why for me it’s really unethical deeds too .Theresult of the research said that the number one most unethical action acquiredby respondents which are the Computer Science students is the done by “SocialNetworking”. People nowadays is well-informed about the different kinds ofsocial media interacting sites, for there is no age limitation on using socialmedia for we all know that we can actually faked our age and even our identitybecause for example now at the age of nine with the knowledge of how to use agadget and explore the internet a nine year old girl or boy can create anaccount to get in and have an access on this certain social media site forexample the phenomenal Facebook.

Why phenomenal? There’s this one moment I’veheard “You don’t have Facebook? You should go down from mountain more often orperhaps leave your cave” irony that even in mountain there’s an internetconnection via satellite duh. Why I so much hate social media? Because for me itis the ground of the bullies and unshielded bullied, some post for shammingone’s imperfection, the preachers of undesirable perfection, the destroyer ofsolitude and the strippers for gold. The second Unethical Action is the “Piracy”it is where people intend to steal or copy the product of the originaldeveloper or creator without their knowledge or permission and it is sounethical like why people would steal others creation for they don’t even knowthe sleepless night, the skipped meal and the quality time they’ve missed justto finish their work how cruel man could be to their co-humans and to add spiceon this topic since we all know that there’s a lot of ways to pirate one’screation because of the highly improved technology and that for me is the reasonwhy people are more likely prone in terms of stealing especially todaysmillennial. The Third most Unethical Acton is the “Violent Computer Games”there are a lot of games that can be found in internet especially for androidand IOS users, these games are more likely can be downloadable so we can use orplay it offline as long as it is installed in our gadgets or we can also play agame online with the twist of interacting with other players and here are theexamples of online game namely; DOTA, Clash of Clans, AOB and many more. Butwhat is harmful on this games is that you have to kill your group enemies todefend your team and also it can be harmful for these games doesn’t require agelimit as long as you can play the game then you can be part of it and if I’mnot mistaken this are more likely occur in foreign countries like America,Japan, China and many more because they more highly updated in terms oftechnology and kids at the age of eight and above they were playing this kindof games instead of outdoor games or activities that was traditionally done.

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