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There is an article, “Introduction to International Law”written by Dulude N.J. in 2011 concentrated on the growth and achievements ofInternational Law. There is no doubt that it is directly connected with ancienttimes but prevailing international law took birth in the era of United Nationswhich is changing according to circumstances and appeared as group ofagreements and institutions which says that International Law is to save commonmasses not only governments or sovereignties. Features of World War-2 compelledto think that safety of common people is not matter of authorities. Moreover, authoritiescannot handle it with trust or perfection. Ending of World War-2 alsoencouraged to make peaceful connections in the whole world.

There were fourmajor guidelines which were described by UN are- maintenance of internationalcalmness, development of friendship, to bring international collaboration andcoordination in international actions. Despite all of this which role is beingplayed by International Law is not satisfactory. There was one more major issue like, “Ban on Land Mines”.The Ottawa Treaty signed by 158 countries paid attention to human killingactions or stores.

This treaty was result of two individuals’ efforts Diana (Princessof Wales) and Lylod (Former Canadian foreign affairs minister). In other wordsInternational Law is best known as gap filler where governments are helpless.Due to International Law’s confusing role International Court of Justice emergedand considered as very important legal part of it. Collaboration of two importantinstitutions showed fruitful results like control on nuclear weapons andencouragement about human rights. Keeping in mind today’s observations thenInternational Law is concentration on Terrorism which is very big and severe headacheof the whole world.

 However after 60 yearsproblems are remaining. 


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