There Thanks to discovery of new technologies

There was a time when unwanted hair growth was pain to
treat. Everyone tried all the conservative method like waxing, tweezing, or use
of razer but it grows back in some days. It is irritating to use these process
repetitively so as to look presentable or beautiful. Thanks to discovery of new
technologies which opened the door of new hair removal treatments. Very first
laser hair remover techniques was discovered in mid-90’s which was FDA approved
and used by professionals with the guidance of dermatologist. Gradually we
invented advanced laser hair removal techniques so as to give hundred percent
positive results.

Etobicoke laser hair removal services is proudly
providing the advanced new technologies in hair removal technology. Following
are some advance technique of hair removal.

Lasers that are effective on darker skin tones:

Classic laser hair removal technique use to emit very small wavelengths
of strong light which fail to distinguish between melanin is skin and melanin
in hair follicle. It use to have only one pulse setting so as a result patient
with darker skin tones had skin burns. Now in advance new technology the lasers
emits very long wavelength of light which make them ignore the melanin present
in darker skin and targets only on hair follicle.

Etobicoke laser hair removal clinics use advance
technology which use hair removal laser cooling attachments. These attachments
lowers the chances of side effects due to laser beam. Along with this there are
number of advance methods and equipment are used in laser hair removal

Use of IPL laser Hair Removal method

This is most popular method of laser hair removal. In this
method an IPL laser uses very intense pulsed light to carefully remove hair on
face, back, legs etc. this is quickest and painless method of hair removal.

Use of Nd: YAG Laser Hair Removal Method

This is recent type of laser hair removal method where Nd
means neodymium and YGA meand yttrium aluminum garnet. These laser beams are
normally used while removing the tattoos and hyperpigmentation. This method
widely used for effective hair removal

Use of Diode Laser hair removal method

This technique involve use of heat and a beam of
concentrated light .The pigment present in skin absorbs this laser energy and
use it in destroying hair growth in follicles. Use of diode laser include more
than one session.

Use of Ruby Laser hair removal method

This is very first method of laser hair removal. In this
method melanin in our skin absorb specific amount of ruby laser beam to
eliminate growth of hair follicle. This is best used for removal of finer hair.
It fails to remove hair from tanned skin. This is widely used technique in
which there is a delay between each pulse. This is specifically designed to
make patient more comfortable during treatment.

Use of Alexandrite Laser hair removal method

The Alexandrite laser hair removal is good for lighter to
olive-colored skin.  This is also
frequently used in field of laser hair removal. The pulse provided in this
laser treatment are faster as compare to other techniques.

In this way etobicoke laser hair removal clinic will
provide your suitable treatment technique.




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