There the oil supply if the line breaks.

There are several ways we can prevent the
oil spill to the environment(ocean). Some of them are

check out for deterioration
and leaks in equipment each year.
On a boat, make sure all gasoline strains and hoses are
in perfect condition and that
seals are connected tightly.

Installation an oil safety
valve at the   supply line of your heating machine if there is  no longer one. This could automatically close off
the oil supply if the
line breaks.

Have your oil tank cleaned out every 10 years. Water and sludge can build up to, inflicting corrosion
and rusting the tank from in and out.

Replace underground
tanks that are extra than 12 to 15 years old with an
above-ground tank. Underground
tanks have a tendency to
corrode more   speedy than those that are sheltered
above floor.

A proper risk management factor should be taken
into  consideration.

A proper government compliances should be done.

There should be auditing of the factory
periodically sothat the problem doesnot arrive suddenly. So proper auditing
should be done of the factory.

There always should be back up plan, in case of

Finally, it’s miles high time authorities cover  funding incentives for both public and personal investment faraway
from extra oil dependency and in the direction of renewable home energy assets. Environmental bonding is a good begin.



There are different way to control the oil spill in water. Many
companies have been using this type of technique for the oil spill in the  water. They are

remediation: The maximum excessive-profile and promising new technology available to clean up the oil spill is bioremediation, which doubtlessly ought to eliminate the oil in a innocent manner,
from even the most intractable
and messy environments, in which it
has sunk into seashores and
mangrove swamps, or even in
underwater oil plumes. 

2.    Bio stimulation: Bio stimulation involves editing the environment to stimulate the indigenous bacteria able to bioremediation.
Many biotech businesses are
pursuing novel ways of boosting
the natural flora to help take
away the extra oil.

3.    Bio fermentation: Bio fermentation uses genetically engineered
microbes that metabolize oil at a speedy charge, that
could dramatically speed upthe rate of
oil cleanup. but, frequently whilst those designer micro
organism are introduced into various and hostileenvironments, they’re outcompeted with the aid of local bacteria.







The Deepwater Horizon incident gives a strong lesson in risk management. Our complete society is taking some distance too many risks with
public belongings whose actual value we
are best now starting to recognize  by means of shifting the economic burden of these dangers onto the non-public interests who gain from them, we can establish the proper incentives, shift investment to much less volatile, extra effective interests, and create a greater sustainable and acceptable future.




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