There by Gustavus Swift in 1878 . The

 There are many inventions that have made are life easier .

I voted for these in my top 3because without these inventions are lives would be so much different . We would not have thesame thing that we have today in agriculture . It would be much harder work for farmers .These are my top three choices for most influential product . The cotton gin is the most influential to agriculture because if we didn’t have the cotton ginwe would not have as good as clothing as we have right now . The cotton gin was invented byEli Whitney . In the beginning cotton had to be hand picked .

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The average amount a man wouldpick was about a pound . The cotton gin was able to produce about a 1000 pounds of cotton aday . The cotton gin has made a problem with slavery and with all of this cotton they wouldneed more hands to pick the cotton since cotton gets produced faster . The second invention that i voted for was the refrigerated railroad car . I voted for therefrigerated railroad car because without it we wouldn’t be able to transport are food thatneeded to be cold long distances. We use the refrigerated railroad car to transport food suchas milk and butter. The railroad car was invented by Gustavus Swift in 1878 . The railroad carhad made a huge difference but not as big a difference thats why i put it in second .

The third invention that i voted for was barbed wire . Barbed wire also called ,Bob wire isa wire with many sharp edges it made to keep things inside a certain area . Barbed wire helpsfarmers and ranchers keep their livestock inside there farm . Barbed wire was more expensiveback in the old in times than regular fences . Barbed wire is very good at its job , but it alsocauses many injures to the cattle . Barbed wire was invented by Joseph Glidden in 1873 . I putthis in third because i think its helpful but it can be hurtful to the animals .

These are my top three choices for the most influential invention . There were many otherinventions important to agriculture . Such as the milking machine , mason jar , and the gastractor . These have changed are lives forever . 


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