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There are manydefinitions that each professional or student would classify as a greateducator. Some teachers feel they are great educators as some students may nothave experienced what a great educator is.

An educator knows the differencebetween teaching and educating. What is the definition of a great educator? Agreat educator is someone that shows professionalism during an instructionalclass setting whether it is in a classroom or public. In this paper, I willevaluate myself, my qualities, and my overview of teacher versus educator.             After evaluating myself and my skills, I possess manycharacteristics that will make me a great educator. In the past three years, Ihave gained some experiences teaching in early childhood. I never thought Iwould be in the education field. I knew that I love seeing children smile,laugh, and their creative imagination. I will be a great educator because Ifeel it is my calling.

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I know that there is more than being patient, caring,and dedicated to the children. It is showing them my high expectations for eachchild, showing compassion, giving respect, and always staying prepared whereadaption to change is positive. I will provide curriculums and activities thatare age appropriate that has a more significant outcome toward their physical,cognitive, and emotional development. I know that introducing positive modelingto children will have a positive result.            According toSackstein’s (2016) article Teachers vs. Educator: Which Are You? describes ateacher as being “one that teaches or instructs” and an educator asone who is “skilled in teaching (p.1).” She is absolute, correct.

Being a teacher is a job or just a check you look for on payday to buy thosenew Jordan shoes that you stood in line for just to get your name in thelottery to purchase a pair. An educator is a career, commitment, and validity.An educator is someone that is memorable, forgiving, has a sense of humor,admit mistakes, and has a personal touch.            In my Pre-K class, my teacher Ms. Vicki is an educatorthat I am grateful to meet in my life. She made me feel like I belong, and Iwas important. She always shows the class respect no matter if we were silly.

She never raised her voice. Instead, she talked to us with warmth and wouldmake a joke to get us to listen. You never knew she was having a bad daybecause she was always professional. She was polite and friendly. She providedher requirements for the class that was clear. She understands that eachstudent learns in different ways at different rates. She gave praise andrecognition.

She was always prepared and ready to teach and understoodunexpected outcomes that could arise throughout the day.  Looking at myself, I have some characteristicsto become an educator, and there are some characteristics I want to develop. Inmy class, I am always prepared to teach. I bring a positive attitude andrespect for each one of my students. I treat each student equal as well asgiving them the opportunity to succeed and learn. I have always had a positiveconnection with children at an early age, and I carry that passion with mystudents.

I share my personal experience to get to know each one of mystudents. I know what it is like to have a sense of belonging to the class withmy past experiences. There are two characteristics that I want to develop,being more creative and holding high expectations for each one of my students.I want to work on more creative ideas to get children involved in reaching acertain level of goals throughout the year. I also want to develop differentways to challenge students and to build their confidence when they lack thesupport of their parents. In conclusion, there is nothing wrong withbeing a teacher, but being an educator has a more favorable outcome for yearsto come.

Being an educator does not happen overnight, it takes practices fromdifferent situations, training, and personal knowledge. My mother has alwaystold me, if someone has an impact on your life, it must be cherished, thankful,and given on to others as it was given on to me. Just as each student learnsdifferently at a different rate, an educator must adapt to learning stylestrategies that are motivational to each child learning development. If you canmake a great impression on students and their minds conquerors criticalthinking and logic, you have qualifications of being a memorable and nurturingeducator. Becoming a great educator is my gift, not just a calling.



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