There meaning of life, his own spiritual beliefs,

  Thereare a lot things you will be able to see in the movie Anna Karenina. It is notreally not an art work, it is more like a piece of life – a reality. It is in astraight forward manner. One of Anna’s fault in the movie is being selfish,yes.

But that what makes us human, it makes Anna a character that we all canrelate to, not just woman but also man. We do all become selfish at some pointin our life, even if we don’t want to. We just have to. People only see theworld through our eyes. Whatever you do, they will judge you. But even so youhave that perspective in life that sometimes you just got to not care aboutwhat others think. We still always seek for empathy and understanding of other.

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We are fallible, imperfect, and that’s what makes us interesting.  Itbrings you a face to face about life with your fears, greatest loves, troubles,and things that might happen in life. It gives you an understanding about life.A book about people and human condition.

The movie is about a tragic loveaffair between Anna and Vronsky. The movie focuses about the rise and fall ofthe strong feminine figure. It’s about her weakness about someone she loves; aweakness that we all can relate to. In addition of their love affair, there isalso an affair between Levin and Kitty. Levin who shares same thoughts andbeliefs Tolstoy himself. Levin questions the meaning of life, his own spiritualbeliefs, or lack thereof. He even contemplates suicide.

But true to thestrength of a one of Tolstoy’s character, Levin triumphs, coming up from eventhe lowest of lows, and finds love in the mild and tender Kitty. Actually a lotof can relate to Levin, when we really don’t know what is our worth. What isthere about life? I do, myself also think of this things and it really makesyou frustrated almost all the time.  AnnaKarenina is sometimes too intricate, too sensational, too overwhelming withlong thought; it’s unmanageable because of its structure and hard to followdialogues, you just sometimes don’t understand what she is pertaining too. Weare like that sometimes there where thoughts and ideas that we only ourselvescan understand. But it still sticks with the human experience.

It contains alot of lessons and gives you new outlook in life. She is a young woman thatcould really commit some things. Well we all actually do, even older people.Some lessons though have to be learned the hard way, really. A story of lovefound and lost – and a level of gender-based social injustice that should setfeminist people of fume. Tolstoyreally investigates the nature of female beauty and the whole objectificationof women. In a way that he is ahead of his time because these are questions thatreally only come to the fore in the last few decades as feminism. Questions youcan have it all as a woman.

Something like can you be married? Can you be athinking woman who has a career in her own right? Being stuck in being able tolive in a truthful life. I am not a feminist. But through this movie, I’ve feltvarious things. Well really actually this movies gives you that things. It wasway to unfair for the women before.

I actually admire her for her courage aboutfacing the society that is judging her. There are only few people who actuallystand for themselves. I admired her for fighting and for not neglecting whatshe really want and what she really feel. Because, I most of the time neglectthings like something that I wanted to fight for but chooses to just stay quietand keep it for myself. There are a lot of different things that already havechange in the movie if you compare it in this modern day. But we can’t denythat there is still inequality in our society. I do agree that men and woman reallydiffer in so many things. But in our modern day, woman can really show thatthere are thing that we can do that the man can do.

In addition, there are alsothings that only can woman level up than man. I was really grateful that societygave the chance to us. Even though it quite took that long for them to accept and understand. Althoughinfidelity is looked upon as an act of dishonor, the man and woman’s infidelityreally in this movie shows that there are still big difference until now. Societylooks the other way when men succumb to its powers, unlike woman, men continueto keep their marriage, power over his wife and children, job and their placein society goes unvarnished. It is so ironic when a man committed ininfidelity, the society can easily accept it while when a woman commitsomething like this, the society called Anna a ‘slut’. She was forced to be amistress because Karenin refuse to give her a divorce.

She wasn’t able tocontact her son and was told that she is dead. She has nothing. In losing him,she loses everything, and it is no wonder that she commits suicide in the endof the story. A woman in her day, having lost her place in society, her role asa wife and a mother, she cannot sustain herself. She gave everything up forlove, passion, herself, desires, but no one gave anything up for her.

She diestragically, while everyone around her continues to move on without her. Anna isshamed for her behavior.The rules of societymight change, but the actions of society and the idea of turning against theindividual is still as relevant today as it was back then. If you get adivorce, you’re not going to necessarily lose your children or be excluded bythe society, but it is much more likely that the woman will be dragged over thecoals than the man. The idea that there is complete equality is reallyridiculous — we’ve only had the right to vote for less than a hundred years.

Today,we can look at a character like Anna Karenina and come face-to-face with afeminist: she is bold, strong, determined, and she fights the patriarchalpowers that tell her she cannot have what men are allowed, no matter theirplace in society. Even though her attempts come crashing around her in the end,resulting in her a violent suicide, she had the courage to act against the norms.This is empowerment. This is a feminist.


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