There area of the development of bio-diesel as

There is growing research interest in the area of the development of bio-diesel as an alternate Fuel, especially in the developing countries like India in the recent times. A lot of research is been carried out regarding the blends of single biodiesel and diesel fuel. However a limited amount of work is observed in the combination of two different bio-diesels and this has left a good scope to research further in this area. The present study is done for the characterization of physico-chemical properties of dual fuel biodiesel prepared by mixing Mahua Oil and Jatropha Oil biodiesel in various proportions with Mineral Diesel. Laboratory scale quantities of two biodiesels were produced through two-step production method by Trans-esterification process then by the combination of two bio-diesels Dual Fuel was prepared. To examine the physico-chemical properties of dual fuel biodiesel was further blended with Diesel Fuel. The experiments were triplicate and average results were evaluated for the Dual Fuel bio-diesel. The average yield of bio-diesel through two step trans-esterification came out to be 89.9% for Mahua Oil and 93.4 % for Jatropha Oil.
The fuel properties of Dual Fuel (Sample –B 10% MBD, 10% JBD and 80% blend with Mineral Diesel) including cold flow properties obtained completed the requirements of ASTM D6751-02 standards for bio-diesel and were found to be better than other samples. Thus the Dual Fuel Sample –B is found to be a suitable candidate for a better alternate to the present mineral Diesel Fuel.


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