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There is no one in the history of black studies or even in the whole world who can deny the importance of Maulana Karenga and can deny the importance of his work for the black people in Africa. He has given all his life for the recognition of African Americans and to gain the respect of the world for the African American people of the US. He was one of the first persons to openly criticize the world for what is happening to the African Americans and started a movement. He was born in 1941 and from that time on, he was a visionary fellow and introduced the concepts like Pan-Africanism and other concepts.

Maulana Karenga also faced a hefty time in prison for an assault which he conducted in the year 1970. However, as is most often the case, after such an incident, people tend to become changed individuals. There is something which flips in them and that is exactly what happened. After the incident, Maulana Karenga’s life turned upside down and he started taking more interest in changing the life of the black community through the power of pen and not by the force a stick. He took two doctorate degrees and started to invest his time in writing about the diverse and great aspect about the African American race. He invested his valuable life time in glorifying the African American race and letting people know that there is a huge misconception which people have about them. It is true that there are bad aspects and people are right to point them out too but as it is the case with anything else, there are a lot of good aspects too and people need to realize that the good and the bad go side by side in life and the black community have a lot of talents which are hidden from the world.

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 This is the only reason Maulana Karenga started a series of books called Introduction to Black Studies. It is nothing but a piece of literary genius in which he describes how the world has mistaken the global culture of the world and how the world is actually forgetting everything good about the black community in the world. Maulana Karenga has his own way of expressing his resentments towards the white people of the world and how unjust they have been in deciding the global culture of the world. He is blunt and straightforward this is exactly why he is different and very articulate. Due to his literary genius, he is the head of the African American Studies in the California State University. In this section, we would try to extract the real meaning behind the excerpt but we would take the excerpt in chunks and not take it as one whole.

This will allow us to focus on the individual messages which have been presented in the reading. So basically we would break it down and then we would explain the significance of each part. “. .

. No university can claim universality, comprehensiveness, objectivity or effectiveness in creating a context for the development of a socially competent and aware student, if it diminishes, denies or deforms the role of African people in history and society. .

. .”The main reason behind the fame of Maulana Karenga has obviously been his bluntness and his comprehensiveness in presenting his point.

He is always to the point and quite blunt to the degree that sometimes it can make the life of the reader a little hard, if he is of the opposing point of view. In this chunk, Maulana Karenga, has presented a lot of arguments. He has first of all hinted towards the role of a university and how great universities come in to being. He has, in a hidden way described the main elements which make up great universities of the world. Maulana Karenga says that it is the characteristic of a university to be universal and comprehensive and objective if he wants to make his students socially aware and more equipped to take on the challenges of life. However, if the universities will keep on neglecting the black community and their culture and will never teach the students about them and would try to hide their culture behind the pillow, then it would become very difficult for them to make the students a global citizen. This is the crux of the message. Maulana Karenga has been very vocal about the role of universities to teach about the black culture and to tell the students about the sacrifices which the black community of the USA has made for the country.

However, many universities, until very recently have failed to do so. They have kept a blind eye about this issue and have never taken any steps to promote the diverse culture of the people coming from African American origins. Thus, it has led to a great void between the students who come from a white back ground and that is perhaps the only reason they are not able to mingle and stay in harmony with each other. Maulana Karenga, being the head of the studies for African American Studies in California State University has realized that in order to have a seamless integration of the African Culture with the white culture in the USA, it is very necessary that the universities take an initiative on their part and teach the willing students about the other cultures of the world. I think he is very true in referring to this aspect of the story. Obviously if you are being told about some other culture, only then you would like to investigate further in to it, if you are not even told about the other culture, you will forever live in the dark and would never want to actually know more about it.

Thus, it all starts with education and Maulana, through his stern criticism of the universities and their failure to include the diversity in their environment has given them a message that in order to become great institutions, they need to incorporate multicultural studies in to their curriculum. “Until Black Studies challenged the conventional college curriculum higher education in the United States of America had been almost completely under the sway of an illusion shared by nearly everybody of European descent since the Middle Ages – the illusion that the history of the world is the history of Europe and its cultural offshoots. . . .”In this chunk Maulana Karenga has dealt a severe blow to the curriculum of higher education institutes in the United States of America. He says the curriculum is flawed and by no means complete.

Maulana has been a staunch supporter of the belief that the history and the literature of the world has been modified to suit the European way of thinking and living. The curriculum of the United States has also been under the influence of this exact same mentality and thus, it has to chance otherwise the conventional college curriculum is doing more harm than good and is by no means displaying the true picture to the world. The curriculum is heavily influenced by the European way of thinking and in fact, according to the beliefs of Maulana, the European lifestyle and culture has over shadowed the true culture of the whole world. The best thing about Maulana Karenga’s views is that he is very vocal and very blunt. I believe that if the person is not vocal and blunt, there is no way that he can impact the world or change its thinking.

The basic message of Maulana is to free the culture of the world from the European grip so that other colors of the world can also become more prominent and the world can also see them and experience them first hand. He is very true when he says all these things because they make perfect sense. Maulana Karenga is right because the most suffering, which a race has seen, has been his race because another culture has been dominating the world, thus Maulana thinks it is time that the other cultures stood up and made their importance felt. Also he believes that the true colors of the culture of United States of America can never be seen if the world fails to realize the importance of incorporating the Afro-American culture. I totally understand why Maulana has taken such an extreme stance, because he feels hard done by all what is happening around and how his culture has not been able to get the deserved spotlight. We can say that Maulana Karenga is a very strong nationalist.

There is nothing wrong in being a nationalist, it just shows that you love your identity more than anything. However, it is wrong to use nationalism to spread violence and to deter the state of law and order in the nation. Maulana never did that. So we can say that his profile matches and supports what he is saying and what he is offering to the people of the world. “Black studies scholars .

. . provide an important antidote and alternative to such illusions and the provincialism they produce. . . .

“In this last portion, Maulana Karenga has put forward an alternative to such illusionary views. Maulana Karenga says that the scholars of black studies can provide the necessary insight towards the culture of the Afro-Americans and can help to make things right and to free up the global culture of the world from all kinds of mistaken provincialism. The main purpose behind this statement of Maulana Karenga is the fact that he wants the black studies to become universal and not to be neglected as they are being currently done so. We can argue that Maulana Karenga has used some strong words in order to make his point crystal clear and we can also say that Maulana Karenga has been emotional at certain points but we cannot argue with the weightage of what he has to say and what he has to propose. There is nothing wrong with what he has stated. European culture is seen as the epicenter of cultures around the world, there is nothing wrong is that, however, the fact that the other cultures are neglected is the wrong in this whole scenario. Maulana Karenga just wants to change this little thing and make the Afro-American literature a part of the global culture.

We can also extend his views towards other cultures of the world as well, of course if we want to do so. 


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