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There are a lot of stereotypes that is used on the use through education, media or just any public place allowed to display information. Some are good stereotypes that is being portrayed and some also is just bad stereotypes which hurts the identity of that group and makes their living situations hard. Two groups that have been depicted with terrible pictures are Muslims specifically Middle Easterners Muslims and African African. Muslims are a group that has been related with terror assaults or portrayed as individuals who are barbaric for the sake of their religion all because of a political agenda.

African American are group that suffer from a whole lot of portrayals that are used both in larger Social and Political Agendas.Muslims have been portrayed as a group that wear turbans, have arabic names and going around committing terrorist acts. Whenever there’s an mass attack and the victims is identified, the first question that is asked is “Is he Middle Easterners?” “Which country is he from?” and “Which terror group does he belong to?”. Individuals rush to tie the person’s religion or utilizing individuals from this groups past activities as a deciding component of why this individual did what they did, summing up a whole groups action into one person. Much the same as we examined in class, on the off chance that it was an action taking by a white individual, the pursuit will be the total opposite.

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It will be about either he was in the right mental state, which lead him to he submitted that demonstration or did he grow up with a harsh foundation but nothing about which religious group he submits to. The Next group that has been used for Social and political agenda would be African Americans. Anyone who is or has studied the history of American know that America has been built and thrived on behave of African Americans.

One of the stereotypes African Americans are portrayed to being a group that are dangerous suspects. There has been a mess of cases that portrays African Americans as “hazardous” from the lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi after a white lady said she was annoyed by him to Joseph Haynes who was at the Franklin County court in Ohio; January 2018 at a hearing when he was struck by a stray shot from a deputy, as indicated by the New York post I can across while in Ohio for the end of the week. There has been endless times that all white individuals needed to state is a circumstance is “I feel/felt threaten” around an African American that they get punished for it but however yet African Americans are the once being delineated as “dangerous”.


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