There is the outstandingly unique feeding habit that

There are lots of crazy deep sea animals in the ocean. But imagine a deep sea fish that has organs that can light up to help them survive. That fish is called the lantern fish. The lantern fish has a special habitat, interesting body, and unique feeding habit. The first part of the lantern fish is the body, which contains light organs called photophores that are attached to the nervous system. The reason that the lantern fish glows is because it has photophores in short rows that can be found under the eyes or on the tail.

The arrangements of the light organs can differ from male to female, and different species. What is so different about them is that the can control the intensity and frequency of the light. The photophores on the lantern fish can emit a blue, green, or yellow light, depending on which of the near 250 different species they are. The lantern fish’s body has large eyes, and a broad , long mouth making it easy to eat food. The lantern fish live in schools, normally staying near the coast line, living in all oceans of the world.

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But do they migrate? And where? Where is the depth of where they live? Some lantern fish don’t migrate at all, when some lantern fish migrate depending on age, gender, latitude, and season. But the reason that lantern fish migrate is because millions of micro organisms swim across the ocean, and so the lantern fish follow them to devour.  In the day, the lantern fish live at a range of 655-3,280 feet.

As I already mentioned, the lantern fish surface at night for food.  The habitat of the lantern fish is different to almost any other animal in the deep sea.Next is the outstandingly unique feeding habit that the lanternfish has. The lantern fish lives in the deep sea during day, but not so much at night.

Lantern fish normally feed on plankton, which rise to the surface of the ocean at night. So the lantern fish follow them to surface to feed, and is also thought for them to avoid predators. While lantern fish are still in the deep sea, they eat krill, and flash their light to draw them in.

But the lantern fish retreat back to the deep sea when the sun starts coming up. With all of the crazy and unimaginable deep sea creatures and fish, I think that the lantern fish is the coolest. Light up organs, living in the deep sea and the surface of the ocean, and living in oceans all around the world makes an amazing animal. These are only some reasons that prove that lantern fish are the king of the deep sea  


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