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There are many different agricultural features of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Peninsula is located in Southwest Asia. This Peninsula is bordered by The Gulf Of Arabia and the Red Sea. Arabia is a plateau that is of ancient crystalline rock, and is covered with sandstone and limestone. There isn’t a single long and never ending stream and this is the reason for the large areas lack of water.  There is a basin shaped interior that consists of desert landscape and water. Arabian Peninsula rainfall occurs mainly just in the winter. There is varied agriculture including grains, coffee and fruit.

This exists only in Southwest Arabia, where agriculture is used. The Arabian Peninsula is the largest peninsula in the world. Saudi Arabia is the holder of more than 20% of the world’s petroleum reserves. It’s national economy is based majorly on the oil industry. The Arabian Desert may be divided into three key parts, An Nafud, Ad Dahna and Rub’ al are those three parts. The Sarawat is the largest mountain range on the Arabian Peninsula. It stretches from the border between Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

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This peninsula was formed as a result of the rifting of the Red Sea and it was between 56 to 23 million years ago. These are some geographical features of the Arabian Peninsula.On March 3, 1938, Saudi Arabia drilled into what would soon be established as the biggest source of petroleum in the world.They drilled into an american-owned oil well in Dhahran.The discovery was made by the company later going to be known as Chevron. Before the discovery people of Saudi Arabia were largely nomadic, or in other words, they moved around a lot. The country’s economy was mainly based on tourism revenue from muslims to towards the holy city of Mecca.The people of Saudi Arabia established powerful infrastructure with things like wells and pipelines.

Since of all of the other nations depending on this oil, it is considered that this lets Saudi Arabia have a big role in some of the foreign policy decision making.This was mostly surrounding the Middle East.The discovery of oil also changed the demographics. Now people from all around the world live and work in Saudi Arabia.Around the whole world oil usage is a huge issue to the environmental world but it is extraordinarily worst in the Arabian Peninsula. Oil burning caused immense amounts of problems.

These problems include air pollution, water was polluted, and even climate change. These things happen because of oil drilling and oil burning. When we drill for oil there could be an oil spill. Oil spills are big issues. Have you seen the Dawn commercials? Yes, that stuff happens in the real world. All of the ducks and birds are in danger because of oil. Burning of oil also releases CO2 into the air. Oil contributes to rock fracturing.

There are many other problems due to oil burning, drilling and usage as well but these are some of the worse effects. Some rules apply to people who are visiting Saudi Arabia. If there is any criticism of Islam or the royal family is strictly prohibited by the Saudi authorities and can lead to things including severe punishment. You will be penalized for the possession, import, consumption and manufacture of pork, illegal drugs and alcohol. There is no tolerance towards any type of drugs. The trafficking or use of it makes you a drug offender, which forces the Saudi Arabian authorities to give you a death sentence. People must not be photographed without their consent. It is also prohibited to photograph holy sites and official buildings including government and military institutions.

If you get involved in any sort of public display or affection, punishment may include death penalty. This includes things like holding hands and homosexuality. The importation, use or possession of items considered against tenets of Islam like weapons is also forbidden. All of these rules are applied and must be followed in Saudi Arabia to avoid punishment. In Islam beliefs are very important. You must believe and recite a statement of faith that is known as the Shahada, to be considered a Muslim. One of the biggest religions in the world is Islam. It has over one billion followers.

Some rituals like a prayer, are practiced daily. Some others are practiced annually, like the ones that correspond with a specific Islamic holiday. The rituals and religious practices are great in importance, though few in number. Certain are more sacred to Muslims than others.

Muslims are treated and perceived very differently than everyone else. Against Islam, the world has rumors and boundaries along with extreme biases. It is not that difficult to see verbal attacks or harassment, discrimination, and very disrespectful treatment in usual places where we live today. In ways like this the topic is not taken lightly and is way more than just an extreme case. Our world basically assumes that Islam is violent, dangerous and a symbol of terrorism. The world has been focused on how many lives have been slaughtered. Today all Muslims are viewed as to be afraid of them and to not trust them, but to fear them. With the image of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon, an unfurling blanket of debris and dust cover New York City on September 11th 2001, Americans grappled.

Anyone that resembled a terrorist, including Muslims, whether in feature, accent or how they dress, all became targets of retaliation. That date had a tremendous impact on Muslim communities. They were traumatized. First by the attacks themselves and then by the violent backlash towards them.  They are called cruel names regarding their appearance.

After 9/11 hate towards Muslims drastically increased. Most then assumed that if you were Muslim, you were bad.


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