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There are millions of homes across the United States where people are spending tons of money on electricity and air conditioning because they aren’t properly ventilating the thermal heat from outside—in and vice versa. Space Cooling alone takes up a lot of energy consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy are developing 5 new projects for HVAC which include “Optimized Thermal Systems in Maryland is developing an advanced heat exchanger that minimizes joints by 90% compared to current models to reduce refrigerant leakage. By minimizing the joints, the refrigerant stays where it should be—working to keep your home cool and energy bills down.” This heat exchanger drastically helps the utility bill but also prevents leakage which could potentially damage the environment and humans. Especially, northern states, who would appreciate this heat exchanger because they experience colder climate and have to use heaters throughout the end of fall and beginning of spring. Some states even three seasons. Another project the Energy Government are working on is a rooftop air conditioner that will save the utility bill and risk of chemical leaks. “Dais Analytics in Florida, in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is developing a new membrane-based rooftop air conditioner, which would use water as a refrigerant instead of conventional chemicals. Not only is this technology perfect for sweltering, humid summer nights, but it could also save 30%-50% in electrical consumption compared to today’s roof top units.” This air conditioner will definitely benefit those who are in warmer climates but also those who run their air conditioning overnight. It reduces the electric bill and uses water as the refrigerant rather than chemicals that could leak. The air conditioner helps the environment from potentially hazardous waste and can cut the electricity bill in half. This is extremely efficient for consumers to purchase this product because it will definitely be beneficial in the long run.


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