There decisions are made and plans of treatment

There are various studies which explain about the pathways of help seeking by those who are unwell, who seeks the help and when they seek it.

One of the main deciding factors in this is the role of cognition. Among infertile couples, two specific processes have been identified in how they seek help sequentially: cognitive appraisal (perception of a fertility problem) and medical help-seeking.Anderson’s (1968) Behavior Model of Health Services Utilization postulates that medical help-seeking is a function of perceived and evaluated need, predisposing factors (such as age, gender, past health, socio-economic status and health beliefs), and enabling factors (such as income, medical care availability, community resources). illness behaviour, social contexts in which such decisions are made and plans of treatment seeking has been used as the framework for studying illness behaviours, Pescosolido (1992) and Shaw (1999) When there is a distinct ability to perform daily and occupational tasks, it is then that the individual seeks help.

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The degree of desire to have a child is one which has the ability to disrupt plans, in such contexts individuals seek help, Mechanic (1968). How the individual perceives childlessness , as a problem or as an event needing a solution decides their how they approach it. One such model postulated is being explained This framework is the Pathways of help-see


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