There the correct positions at all times.

There are three main positions in a game of touch football Wing, Link, and Centre. Centers are positioned in the middle and are the team’s central drive when attacking and a major part in “shutting down” the other team when in defense. Wings occupy the outer edges of the field and must be very quick. Links fill in the spaces and are critical in controlling wings and centers keeping them in the correct positions at all times.
Middle Position Requirements
Aerobic Middles require a high level of aerobic capacity due to having the most crucial role in the game. Aerobic capacity can be defined as the ability to persist in physical activities that rely on oxygen to keep producing energy to energy for the whole body for an extended period of time. The aerobic system is used for long-term energy. A middle needs to be aerobically fit it maintain game control to be able to constantly / consistently able to move forward and back.
Wing Position Requirements
The wings are the two outermost players on a field. Wings must be quick and able to produce explosive efforts. In attack, they should be towards the sidelines anticipating opportunities to score, whilst defense they can move inwards more. Anaerobic capacity wings are usually the quickest members of the team, relied on upon to score. They need speed and agility which all derive from an anaerobic base. Agility is important to the wing as you are constantly changing body positions throughout a game. The creatine Phosphate system is defined as the ability to use strength quickly for an explosive effort. Wings constantly required explosive sprints throughout the game.
Link Position Requirements
The links are the two players between the wing and the middle they intertwine with the middle players hence the work ‘Link”. Links usually and have to obtain a high anaerobic system due to, making opportunities for the other players during an attack and in defense links critically play a role to keep their wings and middles properly positioned during defense(2018 TouchDump). This uses an anaerobic system ‘Lactic acid’ during short periods of high-intensity work.
Personal Fitness
Once fitness components have been reviewed, positions can be selected for Strengths and Weaknesses conditioned by training techniques. Using my own fitness test data as well as my knowledge of energy systems I was able to select the position that was best suited for me in a game of touch.
Components of fitness that were rated fair; anaerobic capacity, flexibility, and lactic acid test. These were my weakest parts of y fitness testing. Leading to my strengths; Beep test, agility, speed test and lactic acid. As above the main fitness components for the middle is aerobic capacity which was one of my strengths making me more suitable to play a middle position than a wing.
Evaluate and Training
Identify the training that would have the greatest impact on your success implementing training program
Same as before but interval fartlek and continmous
I have the appropriate skills and ability for a demanding position. A middle is said to have fast response, reaction skills, high work rate and strong communication and I believe I have these. I have spatial awareness and fast reaction skills being able to know where to be and how to put pressure on the opposing team.


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