There affect the quality of a student’s learning

There are so many good reasons why I want to become a teacher. There is a sense of satisfaction and compensation in knowing that at the end of the school year you will see the expression of gratitude on each of the parents faces when they see their children moving on to yet another step up in their educational journey. It is ultimately joyful for me to experience making a difference and investing time into each child’s future. As a teacher I want to be able to influence children into making the right decisions, develop their imagination, heighten their strengths and build up their weaknesses. In the light of teacher’s being one of the biggest influences in a student’s life, the qualities that I possess that can affect the quality of a student’s learning and achievements, is my ability to develop a relationship with my students.

Through kind and caring words of encouragement I can help build a safe learning environment and students cognitive, social and emotional development. Furthermore, I believe that students can sense when a teacher is confident and genuine. In like manner, these are two important characteristics that can help any teacher succeed in a classroom. For many years I was trying to figure out what was my calling and I realized that I was at my happiest when teaching my daughter how to read and write and since then it has created a passion and enthusiasm for teaching which can help me plant the curiosity amongst my future students and inspire them to want to learn more as well. Leading children towards a goal will help them grow and I have the desire to be the best leader that I can be and design lessons for mastery and listen to what works with my students.

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