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There are so many challenges in running any form of business whether it’s a multimillion dollar industry or a small company. However, we want to assess the challenges operation management face with regards to operating businesses as well as the main goals they focus on. Nowadays, the main challenges for operation management are trying to maintain the use of technology advantageously while lacking in dynamic thinking in the field. In the textbook “Service Operation Management” by Robert Johnston Chapter 2, understanding the challenges for operations managers, delivers all key challenges that service operation managers operate in the field whether its strategic, tactical, services, processes and working with other management functions. Overall, an operation management focus on planning with basic skills in organizing and provision of services.
The challenges that are being discussed in the organizations and are being faced with multiple outlets are the use of technology advantageously, lack in dynamic thinking and managing customer expectations and perceptions. In the following chapter the “key decision for operation mangers include managing their inputs – materials, staff/employees, technology and their customers and designing, creating and enacting service processes which provide a range of services” (Johnston pp. 21). For an operation management perspective, they need too corporate and examine processes to produce carefully on distributing products and services for consumers. The main concern operation management team focus on running of the day to day operations of business of other organization as effectively and efficiently as possible ( The day to day operations impacts operational improvement activities but the main challenge is to deal with consumers’ perspective and needs. For example, “it is difficult for a head teacher to put time into dealing with solving major underlying problems, such as poor facilities, inadequate funding etc.” (Johnston pp. 21). The challenges that are created for the services and manage are their supplier, people, facilities, process and technology. But the overall idea of process and the lack of services all depends on the customer’s outcome and experiences.

Many organizations whether it’s large or small have potentials to develop simple operations as a startup service, which helps the growth of variety (Johnston pp.37). An example of small operations is microbreweries and specialist consultancies. One of the biggest challenge an operation management needs to operate is the lack in dynamic thinking. This is a challenge for operation management because the position depends on their intuitive thoughts and experiences that leads operation managers to be more dynamic. They aren’t very focus on innovation “not always willing to open themselves to new ideas and opportunity” (Johnson pp.38). In the reading there’s a case on Cathay pacific airways which is an international airline based in Hong Kong which points out the key factors of the organization. Which are to ensure that customers get the best services safely. The organization mission statement “service straight from the heart means that our staff have to be resourceful, and be able to find sensible on the spot solution” (Johnston pp. 28). There challenges are to promote their staffs with the highest standards and committed to the position. Operation mangers deals with improving and developing great operation service so customers can experience best consumer services in any organization they walk in.

Through the use of service operation textbook and class discussion on operation management position is very intense and complicated. In order to serve this position, it requires a lot of skills on planning wisely and having motivation towards the organization you are working for. An operation management needs to be committed when producing a product. The whole outcome of operation management is making a wide decision on the qualities of product services. I had no idea what were the main focus an operation management does on a daily base which “managing and leading in terms of designing. They operate and control the production of the business” ( In order for a business to be successful in all aspects we need consumers. Without consumer the business isn’t proceeding or moving anywhere


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