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There are many ways organizations can obtain the co-operation of their employees. One way they can do this is by the type of contract of employment they offer to their employees. This can be done by offering;

Full Time Permanent Employment Contract. This is probably one of the most common form of employment. People who work full time in a company are usually considered as the cornerstone of the business. This is when the employer and employee enter an agreement to work with each other indefinitely. This type of contract can be based on the employee being hourly paid or salaried and should set out the employees working hours etc.

Part Time employment. In the part-time employment contract, employees need to have a particular focus on the employee’s working hours and pay. It is also important to ensure that the holiday entitlement for part-time employees is clearly and accurately reflected in the contract and meets the relevant statutory requirements.

Zero-hour contract. This contract specifies that an employee works only when required by their employer. The employer is under no obligation to provide a set number of hours for the employee to work

Casual contract. A casual work contract is generally applicable to a person who is classified as being a “worker” rather than being an “employee”. Workers have fewer employment rights than employees. The casual contract is not normally permanent employment contract and would for example, be used for seasonal workers.


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