There are many long term effects of the

There are many long term effectsof the consumption of alcohol.

Large consumptions can effect the brain byimpairing its development, causing vision changes, damaged memory,  hallucinations, panic, anxiety and depression.It also affects the digestive system by increasing your risk of oral,esophageal and tracheal cancer. Consumption can cause liver damage; long termintake can interfere with the livers process of breaking down a removingharmful substances from your body. Women have a higher risk for developingliver damage and alcoholic liver disease because their bodies tend to absorbmore alcohol and it takes longer for them to process it and so, it isespecially important for women to prevent excessive intake.  Excessive drinking can also effect thedigestive enzymes produced by the pancreas, leading to inflammation called Pancreatitis.Excessive intake also effects the circulatory system; it can cause anemia whichis a lack of red blood cells and can cause heart damage. Similarly, alcohol canincrease your risk of low blood sugar if the pancreas and liver becomes damagedbecause the pancreas aids in regulating your body’s use of insulin and responseto glucose. Other circulatory system problems involve high blood pressure,stroke, heart attack or heart failure, irregular heartbeat or simply difficultyin pumping blood in the body.

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Alcohol can also increase your risk of developingbreathing problems, tuberculosis and pneumonia in the respiratory system. Byraising the drinking age, these health problems will be minimized. Less peoplewill consume alcohol at a dangerous rate and more will be mature enough tounderstand the risks and consequences of alcohol intake.

  Alcohol consumption is also one of the main causes of domesticviolence and accidents. As a large percent of the population who drinks alcoholexcessively is under the age of 25, by raising the drinking age, this will bealmost completely prevented. Go on about how it affects others.Rather than drinkingalcohol, individuals under the age of 25 should focus on their education andfuture as this is the age they start a new, independent life and build 


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