There to remember information. Doing your homework

There are many different classroom expectations that each teacher may have. Some classroom expectations include being a good student and helping others out, participating, handing in your homework on time, doing your classwork, and being respectful. Classroom expectations must be met in order to have a good school year. Teachers will also like you more if you follow the rules and are a good student.

They will expect more from you. One classroom expectation is to hand in your homework. When you hand in your homework on time you are showing responsibility for your work.

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Handing in your homework also has some advantages toward your class participation. For example, if you do your homework then, you will know what is going in class which will increase your classwork grade. Furthermore, doing your homework can increase your ability to remember information.

Doing your homework can increase your ability to remember information because you will be reviewing for the second time. This will increase your test scores. Therefore, doing your homework and assignments is a classroom expectation. A second classroom expectation is for you to stay seated and perform tasks in a nice, well organized manner. For example, if you do all your work in class, stay quiet and speak only when needed then you are meeting classroom expectations. Furthermore, performing tasks in a nice, well organized manner helps maintain a proper learning environment which will help others stay on task too. Meeting this class expectation will overall just help keep the classroom maintain a proper learning environment.

Therefore, staying seated and on task is a classroom expectation that must be met. Another classroom expectation that must be required in order to learn is to be on time to class everyday. For example, being on time to class can help you not miss any material given in class. This helps you be more productive.

Furthermore, being on time shows your responsibility and that you are willing to learn. It also shows your respect for your teachers and their time. Therefore,being on time to class is a classroom expectation. There are many benefits of working in a respectful environment. For example, working in a respectful environment makes it easier for everyone to get along and work together. When you have to do group work in science there would be less arguing about each other’s viewpoints and there would be more productivity and positive mindset. With the positive mindset, everyone would be focused on getting the work done together.

Also, working with different people can improve your social skills. Furthermore, working in a respectful environment maintains peace and you get the same respect back


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