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There are different kinds of addiction, drugs are the one of the worst kind, especially when over 64,000 deaths last year in America was from drug overdose alone, and while seeing something as smartphone replacing drug addictions can be sometimes seen as a good thing but smartphones addiction is  one of the biggest growing concern and how it’s causing similar results as getting “High” with drugs. Mark Richtel’s  article “Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones?” is quite correct. Looking the different dangerous of smartphone addiction like the article states the teens can get high while playing games that is quite true as teens get hit with dopamine and serotonin which is the chemical linked to happiness in the human brains, these same chemicals are the ones that give the “High” to drug users. Nomophobia which is the fear of not being able to use a smartphone, it is one of the growing issues in youths today”Sixty-five percent, or about two in three people, sleep with or next to their smartphones.”(Elmore 2014)It has widely been knowing that looking at a screen before going to sleep can affect the brain and can it can take longer to sleep which can lead to being sleep deprived. While using illicit drugs has gone down significantly expect mariguana, one of the biggest reason is it is often seen as a meme or a “Popular” thing do it, Memes such as Smoke weed Everyday insipirted by Snoop dogg has become very popular these days especially among young teenagers often memes such as these can be gound on Social Media which is among the leading contrubtion to smartphone addiction with youths as it creates a whole new life online, and people will do almost anything to keep it up and whatever they do in real life must be reflected online as many of Teens are seen as having a fake life just to please their online followers. As social media has become the main place for people to express themselves and they don’t want to be seen as a boring person as then they don’t receive any more attention. This can especially be seen among popular among YouTubers who will go to any lengths just for the views and sometimes this can lead to very dangerous situations. Almost every high schooler and middle schooler has a smartphone these days, even kids who are toddlers begin to interact with technology as young as 2 years old, especially for kids who are growing up it changes them as they can anywhere with the click of a button and trying to control these such kids is almost impossible. Trying to stop this addiction is also one of the hardest things to do unlike drugs where the user only has to deal with withdrawals but how does one stop using something that is used everywhere they go, even among friends meeting up they will ask “did you get my snap” or “did you see my latest post on Instagram”. Its hard to stop something like as then you would have to change everyone.


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