the great Egyptian back in

Without the Nile, the great Egyptian back in the Ancient Times would have been nothing, except for an empire filled with sand. But the gods were with Egypt that time, and gave Egypt the only hope of surviving The Nile River. The Nile is the longest river on Earth. But now Egypt has started developing and changing, let alone mention that it is worldwide known. In Egypt, people have both adapted to their environment and changed their environment.

One thing the Egyptians haven’t changed much is the Nile River. After they found out that farming could not be done in deserts, they soon found a use for the Nile River. They started farming there, realizing that there was fertile land by the river. Unfortunately, there was not enough land for more than 53,153,000 people, so they adapted to it, and started to use diesel pumps, to lift irrigation water from the Nile. Since they were too tired to cultivate land all day long, they took camels, buffaloes, goats, and cattle for granted, and used them for cultivating land. Every year, they lay more pipes ; dig more ditches to reach water. A very important change the Egyptians have done is that they discovered that the Nile could also be a power source for hydroelectricity.

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Soon after, the Aswan High Dam was built up. The Egyptians also built the Suez Canal, the most important canal in the world; it helps ships sail to Asia from Europe in a fast way. Bibliography:Encarta


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