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THEME STATMENT :  In the novel “The Hate U Give” written by “Angie Thomas” the author demonstrates that the world suffers a lot not because of the violence caused by bad people but because the silence of the good people. CHARACTERS:Starr Carter.Maverick Carter.Lisa Carter.Hailey Grant.Kenya.King.Iesha.

De Vante.Khalil.Charlos. STARR CARTER:  Starr Carter is the novel’s hero, a sixteen-year-old African-American living in the for the most part poor and dull neighborhood of Garden Heights while heading off to the upscale, all things considered, white non-state funded school Williamson Prep. When she was ten, Starr saw her buddy Natasha butchered in a drive-by shooting; the damage of this experience is repeated toward the begin of the novel when Starr witnesses the death of her partner Khalil by virtue of a cop. Later in the novel starr investigate the two universes of Garden Heights and Williamson Prep while in the meantime overseeing Khalil’s downfall and her invasion into activism in view of the absurd shooting.MAVERICK CARTER:  Maverick, Starr’s father.

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He supports Starr all through the novel, moving her to not be quiet even with bad form. Despite the fact that he fights with his brother by marriage and battles to acknowledge Starr’s white sweetheart, before the finish of the book Maverick influences peace with the individuals who to think about Starr.LISA CARTER:  Lisa, Starr’s mother, she is an important wellspring of help and nurtures her girl all through the novel. She urges Starr to do as much as she is OK with as far as activism and standing up.SEVEN:  Seven is Lisa’s half brother and he shares a close and strong bond with Lisa.HAILEY GRANT: Hailey is one of Starr’s companions at Williamson Prep. Toward the start of the novel, their fellowship is stressed in light of the fact that Hailey unfollowed Starr’s Tumblr account after Starr posted a photo of Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old dark kid killed for shrieking at a white lady. Hailey doesn’t make up for herself all through the novel, The strain between the two companions incorporates until the point that they get with a physical quarrel at school.

Toward the finish of the book, Starr chooses to remove Hailey of her life, since the negative parts of the fellowship exceed the positive.KENYA: kenya is one of Starr’s companions who lives in Garden Heights. She and Starr share a sibling, since Maverick is Seven’s dad and Iesha is the mother of both Kenya and Seven.

KING:  King  is the most famous gangbanger in the area, a King Lord profoundly associated with dignified managing and rough acts.IESHA: Iesha is King’s better half and the mother of Seven, Kenya, and Lyric. DE VANTE: DeVante is a teenager who lives in Garden Heights and ends up getting involved with the King LordsKHALIL:  Khalil, Starr’s closest companion from her childhood, is shot while unarmed by a cop who had pulled him over for having a broken taillightCHARLOS: Carlos, who is Lisa’s brother, serves as a police officer in the same force with the officer who shot Khalil. Carlos served as a father figure to StarrLOCATION: Garden Heights.Williamson.Uncle Carlo’s House.


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