The extensive criminal histories (Delisi & Conis,

 The youthful folly or troubling earlyindicator in truancy can be distinguished through the parolees who have beenfound to have extensive criminal histories (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.339).Incarcerated parent and who reenter the society later play a big impact onchildren as they will more likely be adult offenders as opposed to having ayouthful folly in truancy (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.

379). Negative effect ofseparation of parents and long incarceration of parents played a major role inthe children as opposed to those who have not had incarcerated parents. Gender pathways areunique aspects of criminal careers associated with females who are affectedsocially and economically (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.

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439). States shouldtherefore attempt to incarcerate the female population because they receiveharsh punishments while being poorly treated. The females receive substandardservices due to the small population that the female offenders have. Girls havebeen known to have mental related problems as compared to their malecounterparts while in incarceration (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.445).Victimization from theirhome ground or society through sexual abuses, physical and emotional abusesespecially from non-biological male authority figures in their household havecatalyzed their delinquency behaviors (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.441).

theytherefore run from home and afterwards engage in uncouth mannerisms andlifestyles that in the end make them criminal offendersTherefore, States shouldconsider that they pose no significant harm on their own. This because many attimes it is not the females fault in committing the crimes as they have a largecapacity of not affecting the public’s safety. They have a low offendingprevalence to violent crimes and are more amenable to interventions brought bycorrectional programs as opposed to the male counterparts (Delisi & Conis,2013 p.442). They are more open minded to correctional and rehabilitationservices and with such findings, states should know that they are lesspunitive.Many are female offendersare young, impoverished, drug and alcohol abusers, see life as oppressive, lackfuture motivations, have not met medical attention ad are mostly abused andwith the right state initiatives they may deter from such (Delisi & Conis,2013 p.442). They greatly benefit from substance abuse treatments andurinalysis thus proves to be able to merge into the society easily without fearof contradiction from the community.

The capital punishmentabolishment is supported by exonerations by Innocence Project. Exonerationshave been won in 34 states (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.86).

This has provedthat there are some innocent inmates who may face the wrath of capitalpunishments that they do not deserve. Georgia Supreme Court has found out thatcapital punishment is in violation of the eight amendment and abolished it.Capital clemency cases have found out that mitigations outweigh the executionmethods (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.463). Reforms have started to be on the waybecause of the prejudicial nature it has and political influence that surroundsit. For example, Matt Delisi argues and brings a great point on theresponsibilities of the federal and state governments on post-conviction ofoffenders if they are 100 percent guilty of their crimes.

Meaning that bothstate and federal makes sure without error that capital punishment is indeedaccounted for. (Delisi & Conis, 2013 p.471).  


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