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The 2008 double murder case of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade is a highly known case not just in India, but across the world. The case sparked open many theories as to who and why it happened.

The case took place in the year 2008, as the bodies of Aarushi Talwar, and Hemraj Banjade were found between the days of May 16th and May 17th. Both victims had their neck slashed, but Aarushi died from a hit on her forehead by a “heavy sharp-edged weapon”. Hemraj had been beaten badly before or after getting his throat slit and his body was placed on top of the house’s balcony. The parents were made the prime suspects throughout the case and were convicted in November 2013, but were acquitted after a re-trial in 2017.

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The father of Aarushi, Rajesh Talwar murdered his daughter Aarushi Talwar, and their help/cook Hemraj Banjade. The mother Nupur Talwar, assisted in the cleaning of the room of Aarushi’s and had knowledge about the murders.The front door was locked from the outside of the house as found the following morning after the double murders had occurred. According to the article “Aarushi Talwar murder: Inside story of India’s most controversial trial” by the Toronto Star, the maid rang the doorbell and it was the sound that woke up Nupur and Rajesh Talwar.

On a normal day the help/cook Hemraj would let the maid in, but he wasn’t in the house at that time. The front door is typically locked every-night from the inside, and if someone were to have made a forced entry then signs would have shown. There is only two set of keys to that door, one with Hemraj who is the help/cook of the family, and the other is with Nupur. The door was found locked from the outside, not the inside which would result in someone from the 4 of the inside opening the door during the night which would let someone in and that someone would have to leave and lock the door from the outside.Both Rajesh, and Nupur Talwar knew what had happened and also took part according to testing done on the prime suspects. Brain fingering was conducted by the ‘Directorate of Forensic Science’, concluded that both Nupur and Rajesh hid the mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj, and killed both Aarushi, and Hemraj.

In polygraph test, Rajesh was found untruthful about questions relating to his claim of only finding out about the murders in the morning, and sleeping through the whole night. Nupur was found untruthful about questions relating to her knowledge of the murders, and questions relating to her hearing a sound or not during the night. The brain fingering map can be proof that both Rajesh and Nupur, not only knew about the murders but took part. More testings took place on both prime suspects, a nacro analysis test took place, Nupur Talwar admitted that the injury marks on Aarushi were caused by a golf club, and ruled out the possibility of outside help. During narco testing on Rajesh, Rajesh talked about Hemraj and showed resistance on the mentioning of Hemraj’s name. Rajesh said Aarushi took kebabs for dinner, while Nupur said that Aarushi only took tea. The statements don’t matchup which would either mean both forgot what Aarushi took that night, or one is lying about what Aarushi took. The knife used to slit the throats of both victims could have been a surgical knife, both Rajesh and Nupur are dentists.

The measurements of the wounds proved that the same weapon was used on both victims, however he weapon used for slitting the throats of the victims was never found. According to forensic scientists the wounds displayed a “clinical precision and careful thought”, as the wounds were at the correct spot to cut the windpipe. Experts thought of the knife to be a surgical knife, one dentists used but then changed to a kurki, and then changed again to a surgical knife used by surgeons. Rajesh, and Nupur would have had access to multiple surgical knives, as they worked in the health department, and the precision used to cut the windpipe on both victims can prove vital because not a lot of people in that area of Noida had that skillset. The injuries caused to Aarushi and Hemraj were caused by “a heavy sharp-edged weapon”. CBI claimed that according to the experts, the “dimensions of strike” of one of Rajesh’s golf clubs was identical to the dimensions of the injuries found on both the bodies.

With the nacro testing done, Nupur admitted to a usage of a golf club, after CBI did research with experts the dimensions seemed to match up to one of Rajesh’s golf clubs.


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