The in Yorkshire moors of Northern England around

The wuthering heights is the love-tragic novel which was written by Emily Bronte in 1847. Even this is one and only novel that was written by Bronte but it has been very successful. The story of the novel in Yorkshire moors of Northern England around 1803. Two contrast environments between Wuthering Heights and Thruscross Grange are described by Bronte with the two contrasting explanations of the place even both situated on desolate moors turns out the situation reflects to the characters who live there. Emily Bronte grew up around those areas. Therefore, her description about the place is very accurate. Wuthering Heights, the tittle of the book is actually described as a very dark place and cold that is unwelcoming, it reflects into the characters which are The Earnshaw family. Mr. Earnshaw, the father of Catherine and Hidley Earnshaw who brings home Heathcliff, the gypsy boy in Liverpool is being neglected by his own children turns out Hindley is being abusive toward Heathcliff. It shows that the family actually reflects the surroundings which are their home, Wuthering Heights. They dont like outsiders so much that makes them very unwelcoming. The other thing shows when Lockwood(the first narrator of the story) visits Wuthering Heights to meet Heathcliff, Lockwood is treated very badly by the people in the house including with the servants, Joseph and Zella. Wuthering Heights as setting with a stormy cold mood that brought up by Bronte is actually the symbolized of the characters lifestyle and personalities in the novel. The most clear symbolize of the setting in the character reflects in Heathcliff. The atmosphere of Wuthering Heights similar to Heathcliff, but both are also physically described in a similar way. The house is described as “arrow windows are deeply set in the wall, and the corners defended with large, jutting stones” (pg.9). This is similar to many descriptions of Heathcliffs personal appearance, his savage face is illustrated “cheeks were sallow, brows lowering, the eyes deep set and singular black eyes with drawn so suspiciously under their brow” (pg 276). His dark, immoral attitude is added by his personal physical description, which is similar to that of the actual house, as well as by the described influence of his surroundings. This characters temprement is not only shown through the way he is personally portrayed, but also through the setting in which he is shown which is Wuthering Heights.


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