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Globalization is the current issue making waves around the world. The trend towards globalization is simply awesome especially in the third world countries. Over the years, some economists have expressed their views in support of globalization while others, have criticized it. However, with due respect accorded both parties over their respective opinions, it is worthy of note here that globalization is an issue that has come to stay particularly with the trend towards it. (Duiker, 306) In his book “The world is flat,” Thomas Friedman argues in favor of what he calls “The Dell Theory of conflict prevention.” But William Duiker, who is also a writer, thinks differently. Duiker believes the trend towards globalization may be offset by a simultaneous trend towards fragmentation.

This argumentative essay is written in favor of Thomas Friedman’s hypothesis which he calls “The Dell theory of conflict prevention.” In the course of this essay, Thomas Friedman’s book “The world is flat” will be summarized and explained to support the argument. Lastly, in the concluding part of the essay, it will be shown how globalization is greatly taking over the world. In developing and developed countries respectively, the issue of globalization is of top priority as no country in the world wants to be left behind.

The trend towards Globalization

There is barely a country or nation in the present world which has not joined the trend towards globalization or intends to be a part of it in the nearest future.

In this 21st century when the world is classified or termed as a global village, global governors, super powers of the world and international organizations like, the United Nations, (UN) European Union, (EU) and the African Union, (AU) are not resting in their campaigns to take globalization to the next level. (Duiker, 712) The present world is a highly technological advanced world. Virtually everything in our daily lives is connected to one technology or the other. In the health sector, highly advanced technical tools are used to perform neuron surgeries, plastic surgeries and treat diseases of different kinds. In terms of education, schools have launched websites and portals which enable students pay school fees on the internet from anywhere in the world.

There is also an immense improvement in the communication sector as new devices are invented thus making communication easier and cheaper. Today, people communicate through different mediums like, phones and the internet which records a tremendous 20 million users daily. In the agricultural sector, agric products are processed into baked foods and beverages. All these and more are made possible and easy through technological advancement. (Duiker, 432) Even in farming, technological equipments enable agricultural systems like; irrigation, cross breeding and rearing of animals or live stocks. The aforementioned examples explain why there is a trend towards globalization and the reader will agree with me that, our every day lives are influenced and made easy due to the advancement in technology. As the world advances so does the need for improvement in our lives arises too thus the desire and clamor for the world to be totally globalized will continue to increase.

“The world is flat”

In the first part of Thomas Friedman’s book “The world is flat,” he tries to show or explain how the world became flat.

Literally, Friedman tries to say there is a level playing field for everybody and this means that, there is enough room for every individual, group of people, companies, international forums and governments of nations to compete and gain global knowledge. (Duiker, 822) Freidman moves on to use Asian countries like, Japan, China and India as examples to illustrate his point about room created for everyone to progress. However, Friedman attributes this opportunity to what he calls world flatteners. Then he goes ahead to list ten forces which are responsible for the flattening of the world and these forces are; the steroids, the September terrorist attack on the US, (9/11) outsourcing, off shoring, uploading, Netscape’s public date, informing, uploading, in sourcing and work flow software. (Friedman, 671) Friedman tries to show that, these technological advancement which are as a result of globalization are capable of also causing disasters if in the wrong hands and this fact has changed the thinking of many nations thus creating room for anybody to compete and gain global knowledge. (Friedman, 612) Friedman talks about “America and the flat world” in the second part of his book then in the third part of his book, he talks about “Developing countries and the flat world.

” He shows how America is the world power and is economically at advantage due to her technological advancement. He also highlights the problems and challenges in the American society but he is adamant, optimistic and envisages what the American economy will be like in future. As for developing countries, Friedman in the third part of his book suggests the necessary steps to be taken in order to meet up the high speed of development other countries have attained. He uses Ireland as an example of a willing society and leaders with vision and how these factors helped propel Ireland from a less developed European country to an advanced one. (Duiker, 231) In part four, Friedman talks about “companies and the flat world” while in part five of his book, “Geopolitics and the flat world” is discussed. In part four, Friedman explains seven factors which are responsible for the growth of companies and he advices other smaller companies to emulate the already advanced ones.

Then in part five, he talks about international politics of the world and envisages problems that might arise from the flattened world. Here, he suggests the application of “Dells theory of conflict prevention.” Friedman believes that if flattening is not handled properly, it might also come with its demerits and he cites terrorist and global warming as examples. (Friedman, 421)


Globalization has demerits just as anything else in life.

There are always two sides to every career, scientific discovery and a new technology invented or a world trend like globalization. However, you will agree with me that, the gains or merits that are achieved from globalization greatly supersede the demerits and it is therefore, worth the risk. It can then be inferred that, the trend towards globalization is a right step in the right direction which is worth taking regardless of its disadvantages. This means it requires more than just offsetting a simultaneous trend to fragment globalization. With the constructive argument above, it can be reasonably concluded that, between William Duiker and Thomas Friedman, Friedman is correct amongst the two writers.

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