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The effects about colonialism previous and current are visible whole upstairs Africa. On it year’s anniversary regarding Africa Liberation Day, African humans every above Africa yet at any place he may remain over this planet, must mirror deep on theirs records so such relates in conformity with their present existence prerequisites and to their future. History is a clock as tells a humans their historic period about the day. History is the round that clever people utilizes in imitation of detect themselves over the map over the world. A peoples’ history tells them anybody those are.

What she hold been, where they bear been, the place he are now, however near importantly, the place she nevertheless should go. True African History is a strong instrument in opposition to colonial records as has been ancient because intellectual enslavement yet colonisation concerning the African people. On it year’s annual regarding Africa Liberation Day, African people entire above Africa yet at any place that might also be of this planet, should mirror deeply about theirs history namely that relates after their current life stipulations and according to their future. History is a watch so tells a people their historic day about the day. History is the circle as clever human beings use after stumble on themselves concerning the map of the world. A peoples’ records tells them who those are.

What she have been, the place those have been, the place that are now, but almost importantly, the place it nonetheless have to go. True African History is a robust missile in opposition to colonial records that has been chronic because mental enslavement or colonisation on the African people. Africa is the Mother concerning Humanity. Africa is the compose over the advance ethnic civilisation. The spine Renaissance regarding it planet was once the African Renaissance. Africa was once “the preceding world” economically yet technologically NOT the “third world” concerning paupers robbed of theirs lands yet riches.

The records regarding European colonisation has been no longer only over coast dispossession however over destroying African knowledge. For instance, the “Atlantic” Ocean used to be known as the Ethiopian Sea namely late as like 1626 then the so-called “Indian” Ocean the Azanian Sea. Azania as Kush, Mizraim, Egypt, Kemet, Ethiopia capacity Blackman’s usa and continent . In 1930 excavations at Mapungubwe among the area about Limpopo River revealed skeletal stays of people so grew to be recognised so “ancient Azanians.” These Africans had been additionally referred according to namely Kushites then descendants about Kush. Of course, the moppet over colonialists yet theirs neo-colonialist collaborators despite the honor Azania due to the fact such is no longer their master’s name.DESTRUCTION OF AFRICA BY IMPERIALISMAfrica was ruined with the aid of imperialist Europe yet is still life dead via Europe.

Up in imitation of the 14th centenary A.D. Africa was once ahead regarding Europe yet on equilibrium together with Europe militarily. The Romans back spears or we aged spears into war. Africa has suffered the clobber genocide or holocaust at the hands over the architects over chain yet colonialism. What is known as “European Renaissance” used to be the wear down dark because of Africa’s people.

Armed together with the science about the gun then the compass such copied out of China, Europe became a risk because Africa against her spears. So-called “civilised” Europe additionally claiming after keep “Christian” got here upon together with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. There was once vast breach on African population then skills. Some historians hold estimated so the Gold Coast (today’s Ghana) alone, lost 5OOO to 6OOO concerning its human beings in imitation of dependance every 12 months because four hundred years.COLONIALIST BARBARIANS HONOURED BY THEIR IMPERIALIST COUNTRIESColonised Africans had been treated now not only namely sub-humans, that have been denied simple rights such as like instruction and the appropriate in accordance with shore for first rate housing, farming, dig then fishing. Colonial functionaries had been honoured for pristine moves or atrocities. Slavery yet colonialism enriched Europe and reduced Africa in imitation of forlorn poverty.

The asset of Africa then her raw materials fuelled the economies regarding imperialist countries. It used to be against this historical past of genocide of the honor on “European civilisation” so Africans into the Diaspora whoever had been shipped beside Africa or enslaved of the West Indies then of the Americas realised so much the solution after


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