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 The Niagara Movement has officially come to an end after a race riot broke out in Springfield, Illinois. There was a report of a white woman being assaulted by a black man. Shortly after a different white woman was attacked by another black man. The police arrested two people for these incidents; Joe James and George Richardson. When news of this was spread around the town, a mob was formed in an effort to lynch the two black men. When the police refused to say where the suspects were, the horde turned their attacks towards various other black people and homes in the city.
The Niagara movement began in 1905 and was founded by W.E.B DuBois and William Monroe Trotter. When they and a couple dozen other african americans were denied admittance to a hotel in Buffalo, New York, they decided that a protest was necessary. They went to Niagara Falls where they knew that they’d be heard. After the protest they agreed that they should hold future rallies to support the push for equality independent of race.
Those who took part in the Niagara Movement believed that there needed to be legal changes to support black communities. One of their biggest points was education. They demanded that public schools for african americans should be free because white people don’t have to pay for basic education. Additionally, they protested colleges’ use of race as a determining factor of whether or not students should be accepted into their program. They also desired new laws to be put in place to help solve issues of economics, crime, health and many other concerns among african american communities.
Within a year of the original protest the movement has garnered 170 members in 34 states. With the movement growing, there was debate over where to go next and who should be included. W.E.B DuBois believed that they should allow women to participate and join their cause. William Monroe Trotter, the other founder of the movement, believed that this change wasn’t necessary.
The movement met at least once a year until recently with the Springfield race riot. After Joe James and George Richardson were arrested for assaulting white women, an angry mob was formed to attempt to lynch the men. Because the police had brought the men to an undisclosed location, the rioters became frustrated with not being able to find them and shifted their attention to two other black men in the area. Scott Burton and William Donegan were attacked by the horde and quickly lynched. Burton attempted to defend himself with a shotgun but he was quickly overwhelmed by the army at his doorstep. After Burton was killed Donegan became the second victim that day. The lot attacked Donegan because he had been married to a white woman for over thirty years.
With their rage still not quelled, the massive group raided black neighborhoods throughout the city. They broke into stored and stole ammunition and guns. Leaders of the riot told people which businesses were owned by africans and sent them to those buildings to rob and destroy them. By the end of the uproar, eight black people were killed and over two thousand were forced to flee the city. The frenzy also costed the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage.
About one hundred fifty radicals were arrested that day. It is highly possible that more were involved, but victims of the attacks refused to testify in fear of being sieged again. Ironically, it was soon discovered that George Richardson never commited the assault that started the riot in the first place. The charges against him were dismissed and he was set free.


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