The parents are both communists. The war

The film based off the book by Markus Zusak, was inspired by a story his mother told him. Zusak said “The book was inspired by two real-life events related to him by his German parents: the bombing of Munich, and a teenage boy offering bread to an emaciated Jew being marched through the streets, ending with both boy and Jewish prisoner being whipped by a soldier”. When The Book Thief opens it is set in January 1939, shortly before World War ll had began. During that time Hitler had been self-declared as ‘führer’ of Germany for the previous four years. He declared that anyone with non-Aryan blood had to be removed from civilisation. The film is the story of a young nine-year-old girl named Liesel Meminger, who’s parents are both communists. The war resulted in about 3% (2.3 billion) of the worlds population to be killed, including those Liesel held dear. 

She was given up by her mother to go and live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann in the small town of Molching. From the very point she leaves her mother, along with everything else that is familiar to her, she has to show courage. As the film goes on you see her using her courage to help her grow and mature. Liesel finds a book at her brothers cemetery before she arrives at the Hubermann’s house, Han’s is the one that teachers her how to read. The theme of the power of words in the introduced, as she goes on to learning that the way we use words can change and manipulate the way we see the world and our values. “quote”


b) It is through discoveries that we grow to maturity. Liesel starts out as a young naive nine-year-old, throughout the film we see her grow and change as she discovers new thing for the first time that would have been confronting for such a young child. At her brothers funeral Liesel discovers a book in the dirt, sparking her love for books, reading and writing. As she learned how to read with the help of her Papa, Hans, she also discovered for the first time that words can be changed and manipulated to cause great disasters. With Max living in their basement, Liesel spends a lot of time down there with him. He tells her that words give you power, “the only different thing between us and a lump of clay. A word’, that word he is referring to is life, he says this to show the importance of words and the impact they have on things.

Her new found discovery of words showed her that Hitler used his words as a weapon and used them to spread propaganda and to destroy other words in book burnings. Liesel discovers this as she attended the book burning with Hans and Rudy, as the mayor spoke “We will completely destroy the chains that were forced to enslave us, such a was will see the nation restored and bring an end to our enemies’. The discovery of words helped Liesel to create new values and ideas in life. Helping Liesel to scantly break free of other’s words and steal back hers.
Liesel also discovers death, after losing all of her biological family to Hitler and disease, she learnt that nothing last forever. War had taken person after person and death became a normal thing in her life. At the end of the film she loses not only her Mama and Papa, but also Rudy and everyone else on her block. He rediscovery of books help her to create a long happy life after all the tragedy she had to live.


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