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The topic of guns in our country has been widely debated by so many groups. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is the frontrunner for gun lobby in the US. While they are an extremely small percentage of Americans, they have the biggest voice when it come to gun control talk.

Their stance has always been, “I ain’t gonna let the government take my guns, they can come get ’em if they want ’em!” That sort of nonsense has really taken the debate to a whole new level of stupid. While the NRA is threatening authorities over something that has never even been mentioned by anyone, ever, mass shootings are destroying so many people’s lives all over the US. Places like Chicago, Illinois are being ruined by gun violence. Small children are being fatally shot from stray bullets. The city has gotten a nickname since it all started: “ChiRaq”. Although, the name refers to Chicago being like Iraq, but there were more deaths in Chicago than Iraq before ISIS moved in. Why Do People Want Military Weapons So Badly?That question is one of the many that are up for debate.

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Why does a person need an arsenal at home? Don’t we rely on our police and military forces to keep us safe from things that need an arsenal to fight? People often say that they need them for protection or some other nonsensical reason. From what you might ask? During America’s infancy, times were very, very different, and people often carried weapons because of turmoil over this, that, and the other. Nowadays, we have a very complex police and military force that is very strict on the public, not leaving much room for a small invasion into a random person’s home. And still, no one knows why a large band of thugs would target a random home that has a person no one has ever heard of living in it. Quite a few of the reasons that republicans give are for racial reasons.

They often quote the horrible violence in Chicago and other cities as reasons to keep their arsenal. Again, why gangs would pick your home, is unbelievable. There is another side of the coin. People do need to protect themselves.

Bad people do bad things, like break into people’s homes at night, hoping to steal enough for a fix, or rob someone at the ATM when they withdraw money, or sometimes they are close to a place that is being attacked by shooters, and they need to defend themselves and people around them. There are extraordinary situations that Americans find themselves in every day. Legal gun owners have every right to own what they NEED to protect themselves.

What soldiers use to fight wars just is not NEEDED to protect yourself and those around you. The fact that it is legal for people to own them gives the bad guys the upper hand. Yeah, you have the weapons to fight back, but so do they, and you are always going to be on defense. The only right thing to do is to take away their channels to access the weapons that can kill dozens of people in one go.

Magazine size has nothing to do with it. Honestly, a person with 7 handguns loaded and ready to fire can do just as much damage as a person with a large magazine in a rifle can. Also, if firearms are going to be legal to have, such as shotguns and handguns, muzzle loaders, and black powder guns for hunting, then everyone needs to be encouraged to have a firearm. Democrats are so against having firearms, but that reinforces the idea that republicans have about not being armed at all against a firearm in a dangerous situation. That, actually is true, but a machine gun is not the solution. If more people carried a firearm, were responsible with its use, and required intense, proper training, we would have such little public gun violence.

The guy in Texas was stopped by a legally armed citizen. There are hundreds of stories about dangerous robberies or attempted murders being thwarted by armed citizens who stood up for themselves and the people around them. And, they did it with necessary firearms. Our fearless leader said on the campaign trail last year that he wanted to ban gun-free zones across the US. Schools, churches, daycare centers, libraries, anywhere you can think of that is a public place, guns would be allowed. The thought of that should enrage any person.

Guns around children is possibly the most irresponsible thing anyone could ever do. Especially when you tell Fred, who’s daughter goes to school, that he is allowed to carry his assault rifle to the school to pick his daughter up. Oh, to be clear, it is perfectly legal in some states to walk around with an assault rifle. Banning gun-free zones would subject the public to guns everywhere they went. There are just some places that you should not be carrying. Law enforcement have been overseeing kids getting out of school for years.

Most schools are locked, and security is on the premises in bigger schools. They do not need Fred to bring his gun to keep everyone safe. No one is asking anyone to just take up the responsibility to be a self-proclaimed hero.

No one wants that. Ever. How Do We End Gun Violence?Quit giving people a reason to use gun violence. Everyone who is not white have been oppressed forever. Racism, rich people’s agendas, and social hierarchies are mostly to blame for the gun violence. Democrats are on the right track, but they are still far from where they need to focus their attention. These people are just fed up with the way they are policed, oppressed, and forgotten. Can you blame them?It also needs to be said that some people are just horrible, and there just is not a way to stop a shooting, like the guy in Las Vegas, when he snapped when he gambled his money away.

Could it have been less worse? Yes, bump stops, and other mods are completely insane to let the public have. But, those kinds of situations are very likely unavoidable. The only thing that could have saved the situation is to have a clear and direct path to mental help. Most people who need help are afraid.

People think it is just weakness. They say, “get over it, like I did.” While most are armchair psychologists, they still do not have a clue about what mental illness can do to a person of even the strongest fortitude. No one should ever be afraid to ask for help. Every person needs it at least one time in their life.

It does not help that what little money you earn go to just a handful of people that feel like they need more money than the other 90% of people that live in the US. When the system only works for just a few, the rest of us are going to be angry, so the only way to stop it is to stop the people turning us into idiots who just pay taxes.


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