The The British also took American Sailors

The topic of this book was about how the United States was unprepared when they fought the British and how the war didnt really have a meaning. The United States had very small forces so therefor they were not prepared when the fought the British. Not to mention the carelessness of William Hull. Since the treaty didnt solve the problems that Great Britain and the United States had, the war had no purpose.

The time in which it took place was between the years of 1784 and 1814. The setting was in United States from the Great Lakes to Louisiana to the Atlantic Ocean.The War of 1812 started because when the Americans tried to trade with other countries, the British wouldnt let the. The British also took American Sailors from there ships and put them in their navy. The War Hawks didnt like what they were doing to them. President Madison, in 1812, decided to go to war with more powerful British.When the was first started President Madison told William Hull to go to a fort in Detroit with a platoon and find a way to take over.

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When they reached Mounee River, they put all their gear, including their plans, onto a cargo ship to lighten the load.After the ship left the harbor it was damaged by the British. The British took the plans and attacked the American fort in Detroit.

Hull didnt let his troops attack the British and gave up the fort in panic.Later in the war Americans built a fleet of ships to attack the British fleet in the Great Lakes. The British thought that they could surprise the Americans by waiting for them to get ships into the water.

When the Americans put the ships into the water the British left to get more supplies. When the British returned, the Americans were in the water. And a battle was started with the Americans on the winning side.

The battle of the War of 1812 was the battle of New Orleans. In that battle the Americans attacked the Red Coats with cannons with metal scrapes inside. Jackson set up his troops by having one live shot and the other line shot and so on with four lines.

The way the British were lined up were straight lines of men shoulder to shoulder making it easier for them to be taken out. That one form of attack ended the war.The book gave me information that I did not know about before. The U.S.

S Constition was not greatly damaged and it won every battle it was in. It shocked me by the way the British military fought. They fought in straight lines and moved with the beat of the drum.

I though hey had learned there lesson from the Revolutionary War.


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