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The war of 1812 was a conflict that lasted from (1812-1815).The war of 1812 was fought by the United States and the United Kingdom alongside their respective allies.After the war with napoleonic france on November 21 1806, Napoleon had ordered a blockade on the british in efforts to cripple their resources as the united kingdom was an island to which they depended very much so on trades with surrounding countries this strategy proved to be in vain when the British had deployed their own naval blockade to eliminate trade to and from france in order to leave them powerless, this would only be the beginning of many threatening attempts to lure opposing countries into war.When United States found out about the blockade that the British enforced  they contested it illegal under international law.The United Kingdom then  also supplied “indians” with their own firearms in hopes that they would conduct raids on american settlers in which they did so, all these reasons put pressure on the United States president James Madison who finally prompted war after receiving heavy criticism from the War Hawks in congress June 18, 1812.  Important figures that contributed to the war of 1812 include James Madison, Andrew Jackson,Dolly Madison,Harrison Gray Otis,John Armstrong And Tecumseh. James Madison president of United States and founding father served time in office from (1809-1817). James Madison had a huge influence on the war of 1812 mainly because he was the one who declared it on June 18, 1812. Andrew Jackson was a soldier and a states man who eventually was promoted to general of the United States army. Andrew Jackson had a major influence in the war of 1812 when he won the battle of New Orleans which subsequently made him a national hero.Andrew would then go onto run for president of the United States in 1824 which if he had not won the battle of New Orleans he might not have had the chance to run for office, permanently affecting the future of United States. Dolly Madison was James Madison’s wife and first lady of america. Dolly Madison had a huge influence on the war of 1812 because she was a very well known and well respected social figure. By being a well known high profile individual that everyone liked it helped a lot in the presidential election for her husband James madison, it is speculated upon whether or not James would have not been elected without her or had a very hard time getting elected without . Harrison Gray Otis (1765–1848) was a leading Federalist statesman and a delegate to the Hartford Convention in 1814. Over a long political career, he served in the Massachusetts state legislature, the United States Congress, and the United States Senate. Being a leader within the Federalist Party during the War of 1812, he participated in the Hartford Convention in which a meeting of New England Federalists called to coordinate the region’s opposition to the war .While rumors spread that the convention would propose secession from the union, its demands were more moderate and aimed at making future trade restrictions and future wars more difficult to legislate. Otis was assigned the task of delivering the convention report to President James Madison. He was in Washington when news arrived of the Battle of New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent, and consequently, he became a symbol of Federalist malcontent. John Armstrong (1758–1843) was the Secretary of War Hired by President James Madison during the War of 1812. John Armstrong served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. As the Aide-de-Camp of General Horatio Gates, he wrote the Newburgh Address, a letter urging officers in the Continental Army to not disband at the end of the war unless grievances regarding back pay and officer pensions were addressed by Congress. After the war, he served in the United States Senate (1801 to 1802 and 1803 to 1804), and as United States Minister to France (1804 to 1810). He was appointed Secretary of War in January 1813. Tecumseh was a native american warrior and chief, He eventually became a primary leader of a multi tribal confederacy. Tecumseh and his confederacy fought in the war of 1812 forming an alliance with the british. Tecumseh and his confederacy helped capture Fort Detroit However he was killed in the battle of thames in 1813.All of these people were the main cause and force behind the war of 1812. The War of 1812 changed the course of American history  Because America had managed to fight the world’s greatest military power to a basic withdrawal, it gained international respect. Furthermore, it instilled a greater sense of nationalism amongst american citizens. It prompted James Monroe and John Quincy Adams to pen the Monroe Doctrine, the nation’s first articulation of a foreign policy. The entire period of time after the War of 1812, during the presidency of James Monroe, is referred to as the “Era of Good Feeling” for the reasons above. The Federalist Party, founded by Alexander Hamilton, and once the dominant political party in America, declined ferociously following the War of 1812. Its members had opposed a war with Great Britain. While the War of 1812 had minimal impact in England, it did assure the survival of the British colonies in Canada, and ultimately paved the way for the Canadian Confederation – the precursor to the nation of Canada. Some historians believe if the War of 1812 had not happened, Canada would have become part of the United States because so many Americans would have migrated north making the importance of the war crucial on the development of modern day canada.


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