The the Company token reserve. The BitCar

The Ethereum Blockchain ledger is used for all traded interests, giving a decentralized platform andtransparency so that tokenized Exotics are traded only as stated, eliminating ‘naked’ or rehypothecation inthe peer to peer trading of the Exotics interests thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.In addition to the team’s passion for Exotic cars, over the last 2 years the team has built up substantialknowledge in and developed a clear strategy around target Exotics and their tokenization for the cryptocommunity. The team has grown its international connections with professionals in the sector over this timeat a number of key international locations and created many deep relationships with sector professionalsand advisors, which has already proven to be very beneficial in building expertise, targeting and accessingExotics cars and understanding important related issues such as clear title and how to attempt to maximizeprice growth.Of the total 500 million BITCAR tokens, 250 million will be sold in the TGE. 95 million are reserved for theteam, founders (subject to escrow conditions which will be defined in the BitCar TGE paper) and futureemployees.

40 million for the bounty campaigns, early backers and external owners and a Growth Poolof 60 million for Platform growth, incentivisation, user acquisition and partnerships. The remaining 55million are allocated for the Company token reserve.The BitCar sale of BITCAR tokens will allow it to grow, fund extensive marketing and complete Platformdevelopment. This will help BitCar potentially open the world’s first and largest peer to peer Exotic cartrading platform, opening up the best performing asset class over the last 10 years. The developmentincludes smart contracts that represent decentralized, tokenized Exotics on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Verified Agents will on-board the initial Exotics, accelerate and help fund new Exotics onto the Platform.Agents are responsible for the lifecycle of Exotics from sourcing, tokenization, managing, storing, display ofthe Exotics through to the disposing of the Exotic from the Platform. BitCar only provides the digital platformfor the Exotics, all physical services are handled by Agents creating a completely decentralised Platformbetween Agents and asset token holders. The objective is to aggregate $500+ million of Exotics within thefirst 3 years of operation and build out to exceed $1 billion thereafter.BITCAR tokens are the utility token of the Platform and will also be used to incentivize users of the Platformand other partners performing services to build a world of Exotic Car interests.BITCAR tokens have been designed with specific attention to Singapore Law and are not considered to bea security by BitCar, as confirmed by our legal advice.


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