The times I have noticed parents of

The use of internet of things via smartphones is one of the best mode of communication. Having the whole wide world right at your fingertips as you go. The massive amount of information to be grasped is beyond par.

A few decades ago, it was just the rich and privileged youth who had access to such vast information whereas now even for a commoner or low income individual information is easily accessible due to global networking which connects us to IT infrastructure. Smartphones have now become so essential to life in this modern world that very few people, including our little kids and teenagers, have found it quite difficult to live without them. Though the benefits are huge, Smartphone communication has reached an alarming rate that at times parents find it difficult to have control over what their children are doing these days.

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Many a times I have noticed parents of toddlers complaining about how much their kids are getting addicted to internet games at a very young age itself. Back in the good old days outdoor activities was a way to spend your leisure times which gave one the essential body exercises and interactions with people around, whereas now virtual games has resulted in zero productivity and has taken a toll in every aspect of human lifestyle.


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