The Engineers study the EOQ formula in

The use of an extension of an application template that depends on the standard inventory provides a convenient characterization of
products that require early refueling. The optimal cycle time is largely regulated by conventional compensation
between orders and maintenance costs, while the reorder point refers to a cost-benefit perspective oriented towards promotion.
The optimal policy produces significantly higher returns than cost-based inventory policies, emphasizing the importance of
profit-driven inventory management. 1
To work on perfect order parameters, there must be an aggressive inventory management, a restructuring offer
chain operations and updating standards to the perfect standard. When you update metrics, this includes cases
sent against timely delivery of orders, data synchronization, damage and unusable products, delivery days,
Order time and shelf service level. 9
The formula of quantity of economic order (EOQ) has been used both in engineering and in commercial disciplines.
Engineers study the EOQ formula in engineering economics and industrial engineering courses. On the other hand,
the business disciplines study the EOQ in both operational and financial courses. In both disciplines, the EOQ formulas have
practical and specific applications to illustrate the concepts of cost reduction; as well as the specific application in the inventory.


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