The masterpiece from the Pop Art, Arte Informale,

The non-profited
Ghisla art collection was founded in
April 2014, with the aim of making an artistic holding of international value.
The collection has been created by the Ghislas, a husband-and-wife team, The collection is occupied in a futuristic building that has just been built as a
project by the Moro & Moro architectural studio of Locarno, the building
was of the 40s and was refurbished and redesigned by Franko Mauro, the
conversion led the art gallery to the closure of all window and the continuous
covering of the façade with a ventilated insulating envelope. The pool outside surrounding
the building is a tribute to Locarno, lacustrine to Locarno distinct separation
to the outside world. The new architectural connotation corresponds to
the cultural function of the gallery overlooking the Rusca Gardens in the urban
heart of the city. Where some sculpture is part of the Ghisla art collection. It is just located in the centre
of the town just a few metres from the marina. (Anon, 2007)

after moving
away from Brussel to Locarno together they have been gathering perfect
masterpiece from the Pop Art, Arte Informale, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art and
the new Dada movements, Ghislas decided after forty years of collecting they
wanted to share their contemporary art collection with the general public,

The artworks
in the Ghisla art collection are laid out in eight rooms over three floors.


Their layout is not determined by
chronological rigour or a division by the movements and trends that have
characterised the art from the late 20th century up to today. As you enter the
gallery space, you will immerse yourself in the taste of Pierino and Martine
Ghisla collection, starting from 2016 the entire third floor of the building is
dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Presenting works that are not part of
Ghislas collection, the third floor is being occupied by artworks from emerging
artists who are perhaps less well-known to the general public. Their approach
has been as though they were welcoming guests into their own home.
(Ghisla Art Collection Locarno, 2017). Their collection included
earlier stages of Pablo Picasso work; Plant Tropical VII 1948 also Roy Lichtenstein;
Yellow Vase 1990.




The Museum to scale 1/7 is not a model for an architectural
project but a contemporary version of a Wunderkammer this was a for runner for
what we now call a museum, it is a cabinet of art object or a display case
which collectors used to cram full of curious items of all kinds from miniature
to fossils its dimension is also referred to the so called art chamber the
genre of painting that depicts room filled with artworks and other art objects as
in the painting like David Teniers and the great tradition of the art book, the
differences that’s here we are in the presence of original works the objective
was to create a pragmatic portable museum that would closely involve the viewer
as a contemporary variant of an educational pastime.









The museum to scale elude to the
playful attitude with which Marcel Duchamp put all his output into La
Boîte-en-valise (Box in a suitcase), or the miniature he made of his nude
descending a staircase, for the famous dolls house gallery of his friend Carrie Walter
Stettheimer at the New York avant-garde at the 1920 which today still arouses
so much curiosity and is an object of amazement.


At the same time with an absolutely serious purpose
the museum to scale offers the tranquillity and closeness which are essential
in experiencing art the paradox of dimension of scale exerts and amplifying an immediate
effect on the perception of the artwork by the viewers who’s attention is
focusing on their essence the viewers not only comprehend the visit but they
take pleasure from it without feeling confusion this large collection of small
works also stimulate reflection on the roles and sizes of format in art the
distance between the idea and execution and the presentation of the artworks
the scenography of the scale museum which has over one hundred rooms was
conceive by the artist Wesley Meuris each of these spaces contain original
artworks paintings or complete installations by 85 contemporary Belgium artists
among the best known to those that are known only to connoisseurs


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