The married to bring money to their families.

The severity of poor education in third world countries are so vital because millions of uneducated children don’t have any or little education to exceed in life and help them open their eyes to their true potential.  Firstly, children in third world countries cannot go to school because they are lacking the necessary tools to succeed.

 For example, having no teacher or an untrained teacher, no classroom, and no learning materials.  According to Global Citizen they report, ” Not only are there not enough teachers globally to achieve universal primary education (let alone secondary), but many of the teachers that are currently working are also untrained, leading to children failing to learn basics, such as math, and language skills.”  Additionally, “children in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are often squeezed into overcrowded classrooms, classrooms that are falling apart, or are learning outside.”  Along with the past quote, “outdated and worn-out textbooks are often shared by six or more students in many parts of the world…In Cameroon, there are 11 primary school students for every reading textbook and 13 for every mathematics textbook in grade 2.

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”  Secondly, some families can’t afford education for their children or they are forced to go into labor work or get married to bring money to their families.  “But for many of the poorest families, school remains too expensive and children are forced to stay at home doing chores or work themselves.”  “But there are more than 168 million child labourers-11% of all children in the world – who are working instead of learning.”  A final cause, some children suffer from disabilities or being the wrong gender, and they suffer from natural disasters or being in/at a risk of a conflict, such as war.  Global Citizen states “over 100 million young women living in developing countries are unable to read a single sentence…

Girls often miss out due to belief that there’s less value in educating a girl than a boy.  Instead, they are sent to work on household chores.”  Equally important, “In 2011, around 50% of all of the worlds out-of -school children were living in countries affected by conflict.”  According to Their world they say, “unforeseen events such as earthquakes, floods, and diseases can detrail education for millions.”  The impact that the causes that have led to the lack of education in third world countries shows that children are not receiving the necessary skills to excel in life.


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