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The basic of Christians faith is about God who created humans and love them all equally as one. Humans were committing a lot of sins, so God sent his son, Jesus Christ to save us, humans from sins and death. Christians believe that the salvation we received from Christ dying for our sin is a gift from God. Christianity talks about the equality of human right, marriage and family and the art of being compassionate. Basic of Christian faiths speak about Christ the promised messiah, he taught humans about life teachings such as love, peace, patience and unity. In order to understand the gospel, we all have to view Christianity and the teaching of Jesus as peaceful, loving, patient and united. (Baylor 1991). The gospel is the teaching of Jesus during his time on earth and it’s also the recording of his life from his birth to his death. Christian faith is considered an easy thing for people who haven’t experienced the religion. “A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none” and also “A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject to all” (Dillenberger 1962). This mean Christians are free from all men because they only served God not men, but yet they are also slaves to all men because they are supposed to love and be patient with everyone since they are all the followers of Christ. Christian are the chosen races, they are God’s own people, they are chosen to tell the world about God and Christ, the salvation we can all receive by doing the will of God. The two articles, Martin Luther’s The Freedom of a Christian and The Twelve Articles of The Swabian Peasants identifies their similarities and how these similarities shows the Implication of Christian faith in the societies. The two articles both agreed on the fact that all human were created in God image and that God sent his only son, Jesus Christ who died, so that we humans can be cleanse from our sins.The two articles teaches a lot about leadership. They both agreed that there should a person who leads the church. The twelve articles believes that the congregation should have the right to pick their own pastor, that is the leader of the church and they also have the right to dismiss the pastor if he doesn’t act properly. (Baylor 1991, 232). The pastor can only preach the gospel without any human doctrine. The freedom of Christian also agreed with the first articles because it says that all pastors, pope and bishops should only teach the ministry of the words, should serve and teach the faith of Christ to the people. (Dillenberger 1962, 65). It also says that Christian’s faith believes that pastors and laymen are all equal in the eyes of God, there’s no distinction between them because they are all considered as “servants of Christ and steward in the mysteries of God.”  (Dillenberger 1962, 65). Since pastors are the leader of the church, they help interpret and preach the gospel to the members of the church without adding any human doctrine or commandments. The pastor get paid through the tithe and offering that the congregation pays to the church. (Baylor 1991, 233). Even though the pastor leads the church, Christ is the owner of the church. Christian’s faith inspires the politics of the society by examining the way Christ leads the church, Christ is the leader of the church and he is also the servant of the church, and as a good leader, Christ continue to have his people on his mind, , a good leadership should have the best interests of his people on his mind.The two articles also talked about Humility and Freedom. The twelve articles talked about how the peasant are treated as the lord’s personal property, even though Christ died for the freedom of all. (Baylor 1991, 234). The basics of Christian faith is also the beliefs that the fact that Christ die is the ultimate salvation and eternal life. (Dillenberger 1962, 75). Since Christ has given us the right to be free, he also wants us to respects the authority. He teaches us to obey and follow the commandments because the key to freedom is obedience. It also say we should humble ourselves in front of the authority and to everyone else too, just as Christ humbled himself before us. (Baylor 1991, 74). As a follower of Christ, Christians should humble themselves in front of everybody, whether it’s their friends or enemies. When our neighbors are in needs and lack what we have, we should try to help them in every way we can, just as Christ attend to all of our needs freely, we should also do the same for our neighbors. (Dillenberger 1962, 76). It also says that Christian should never take money or properties from Widows because God will never tolerate it (Baylor 1991, 79). The scriptures also said, that when a Christian uses their freedom to help someone in need, they should do it in secret. When a Christian does a good deed, they shouldn’t brag about it, it should be between them and God (Dillenberger 1962, 83). A Christian should give to people in need without considering if they are going to gain anything from Christian gives the society ability to acknowledge their own strength and weakness through the act of humility. Being humble makes you value the opinion of others and also learn to respect them which is what a good Christian should do.The articles also talked about having faith and believing the scripture of God. Faith is relying and believing in God. The basics of Christian’s faith is the beliefs that only true faith, can we come to God and through his mercy, shall we be saved. (Baylor 1991, 232). Faith is a small and perfect of the law, that fills up believers with righteousness that they will need nothing more to be righteous. (Dillenberger 1962, 56). Faith is having personal and long lasting relationship with God. It means trusting in God and his word. Believing in the word of God, that is the scriptures, it bring salvation and saves man from all evil. Christians believes that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Faith is the assurance that God will always be by our sides when we need no matter what. Faith is Love, we should love our neighbors, the same way Christ had love us. Christ love is true and genuine, because the love, Christ has for us is true and genuine, we have true faith (Dillenberger 1962, 82). The scripture of God is the commandments and promises of God. (Dillenberger 1962, 57). The commandments shows us what to do and teaches us how to do them. The commandments are rules that were created by God, when we obey the commandments, we get rewards. The promises of eternal life and salvation are the rewards given to us by God whenever we obey the commandments. The scriptures are considered to be the truth since they are the words of God, and God never lies. (Baylor 1991, 237). The commandment and the scripture helps the society have faith in God, because when we obey the commandment, we have the hope of receiving eternal life as long as we obey.The Freedom of a Christian and the Twelve Articles of the Swabian Peasants both agrees about the basis of Christian faith and its implication for life in this world. The two articles both talked about the gospel, humanity, the death of Jesus and leadership.  They both discussed the death of Jesus, and the fact that his death rebuilt our relationship with God and we were all forgiven through his death. The basics of Christian faith doesn’t allow us to treat people as a possession instead we get to see people as one. (Baylor 1991, 234). They also agreed on humility before God, the authorities and other humans. The basics of Christian faith help us recognizes our humility and fill us with the grace of God.  The two articles shows that the basic of Christianity is responsible for the way of society is organized. The basic of Christianity contribute to the fact that we believe in humanity and we always try to help people that are in need such as the orphan and the widow, (Baylor 1991, 237), the poor and our neighbors too (Dillenberger 1962, 75). The basic of Christianity help us understand that we should learn how to use the freedom we get from the death of Jesus Christ to help others that are in need so that they can also be set free and also get the salvation of Christ. A good Christian must learn to love and serve all men equally (Dillenberger 1962, 82) no matter what their social status is, because Christ died for everyone without caring if they were a lord or a peasant (Baylor 1991, 234) and he bought their freedom with his blood. Also Faith is very important in the basics of Christian faith because, Christian believes in a God that they cannot see, they believe that God is their stronghold and he will always catch them whenever they fall. The faith, which Christians have in God, makes them close to him, it make it easier for them to obey him and in exchange God reward them with the gift of long life, peace, everlasting protection and the assurance of Christ guidance for the rest of their life by just obeying him and doing his will (Dillenberger 1962, 82).


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