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 The rays from the sun and their heat and lightare a source of solar energy. They are exploited by humans in their interestsand harnessed by technological means and techniques. Solar energy is found inthermal power generation, photovoltaic panels, and photovoltaic transformers.Solar electrical phenomenonthis technology converts daylight directly intoelectricity victimization electrical phenomenon (PV) cells.The star PV cells square measure combined inpanels. They will be placed on rooftops, integrated intobuilding styles and vehicles, or put in by the thousandsacross fields to make large-scale solar energy plants.

Shown in figure (1) convert from solar energy to electricityConcentrating star PV uses fields of sun-trackingmirrors referred to as heliostats toconcentrate daylight onto extremely economical PVcells placed within a receiver at the highest of amast or tower.Solar thermalThis technology converts daylight into thermal energy (orheat), that within the past has beenused chiefly for area heating or to heat water (such as ina very star quandary system).This energy is often wont to drive a refrigerationcycle to produce solar-based cooling, or to create steam,which will be, won’t to generate electricity employinga turbine. Star thermal energy alsocan be utilized in some industrial processes that presently usegas to supply heat.

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Concentrating star thermal technology harvests the sun’s heat tosupply economical, large-scale power generation. It uses a field ofmirrors to mirror daylight onto a thermal receiver thattransfers the warmth to a thermal energy storage system. Energy will thenbe discharged from storage PRN, day and night.Emerging solar power technologiesResearch and development continues to enhance existing solarpower technologies whereas characteristic risinginnovations like photosynthetic-based solarpower technologies and star increased fuels.Innovations and developments in solar power technologyand increased fuels can profit everybody by creating cheapand reliable energy additional accessibleto additional Australian businesses and households. 1 


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