The became a French colony” (Lambert, Tim).

The French first colonized to Vietnam in the mid 1800s. “In 1885, the French planned to take over Vietnam and in 1887 they did” (Fisher, Elyse “Vietnam History). The reason why they had taken over Vietnam was because the French wanted to grow, and expand their territories. They also thought by taking control of vietnam they could make economic profit. When the French took over Vietnam they started to integrate all these western ideas, education, and religion to their community. “Their main exports were tobacco, indigo, tea, and coffee. The modern day Vietnam was created by the French colonialism.” (Fisher, Elyse “Vietnam History)”By the late 19th century Vietnam became a French colony” (Lambert, Tim). The French took Vietnam in stages, slowly the French gained control. In 1859 the french captured Saigon. In 1883 North and Central Vietnam we forced by the French to become French protectorate. “The French built infrastructures in Vietnam for example, the Saigon to Hanoi railway” (Lambert, Tim). “They also built roads and bridges”  (Lambert, Tim). The source of money for those buildings were funded by a immense amount of taxation. Originally Vietnam wanted to be independent, since the French are in charge the growth of communism soon came. “In 1940 the Germans defeated France, Japan then decided to take advantage of the French’s weakness and forced the French government to allow Japanese troops to occupy French Indochina” (Lambert, Tim). Though the Japanese wanted troops in French Indochina they left the French administration in peace. French’s army came to the south after Japan had taken a bit of what they wanted. When the French arrived in the south, they took what belonged to the British. The north chinese troops sooned moved in. Ho Chi Minh soon decided that the French were the lesser of the two evils, and he signed a treaty. The treaty allowed French troops, who then replaced the Chinese troops in the north. In return for this treaty the French promised to acknowledge Vietnam as a “free state”.Social Effect The invasion of the French however did provide some benefits for the Vietnamese society. Education was the more noticeable benefits that Vietnam gained. French missionaries, officials and their families opened up primary schools, these schools contained both French and Vietnamese languages. The University of Hanoi was created and opened by colonist in 1902, the University then becomes the national center of learning. A small percentage of Vietnamese students were given a scholarships to study in France, but these changes were only significant in the cities. The curriculum at these schools increased colonial controls by stressing the French values and culture. Political effectsThe French colonialism in general was more unplanned if anything. The Vietnamese did not expect such a thing to happen. The French colonialism was more expedient and brutal than the British. Paris never established a clear and coherent colonial policy for indochina, as long as it remained in French control and opened to French economic interests, the French government was satisfied. Political management of indochina was left to series of governors by Paris. There were more than 20 governors sent to Indochina between 1900 and 1945. The colonial governors, officials and bureaucrats had significant autonomy and authority, many of these officials would wielded more power then they should have had. This situation encouraged self-interest, corruption, venality and heavy-handedness.Economic effectsProfit was the real reason the French colonization to Indochina. The colonial officials and French companies transformed Vietnam flourishing subsistence economy into a proto-capitalist system. The system was based on land ownership, increased production, exports and low wages. Millions of Vietnamese no longer worked to provide for themselves, they now work to provide for their French overlords. Vietnamese people with a  small amount of land were given the option of remaining as labourers on these plantations or relocating elsewhere. When there were labour shortages Vietnamese farmers were recruited from the smaller villages. Sometimes the labors would come voluntarily, due to being lured by false promises of high wages. Other times they were forced at the point of a gun. Rice and rubber were the main crops that made them money from the plantations. The French encumber Vietnam with a large taxation system.LiteratureBefore the French colonized into vietnam, Vietnamese people used to use chinese like symbols for their spelling. Alexandre De Rhodes was a person that had colonized from the France to Vietnam and helped change the Vietnamese culture. This changed ended up impacting all Vietnamese people. Rhodes sculpted a new language for the vietnamese. He replaced the chinese lettering with the alphabet close to English.” The difference was that the Vietnamese literature had markings on some of the voluws, which changed the sounding and meaning of each words.When it came to trading, education, and government the language spoken was in French during the French occupation. After the leave of the french Vietnamese people usually speak in their language which was created by Rhodes, however the older generations still speaks french. FoodBefore the French colonized to Vietnam, Vietnam had a variety of  culinary history and culture to their food. Food from Vietnam was developed with the influence from their neighboring countries. The Vietnamese ideal for a cuisine is balancing the five taste elements spice, sour, bitter, salt and sweet. Cooks in Vietnam also try to include five types of nutrients powder, water, minerals, protein and fat. They also try to add in the five colors white, green, yellow, red and black in each dish. The resulting dishes are balanced and colorful, being attractive to both the eye and the tongue. When the French colonized in Vietnam they left a mark in Vietnamese cooking history. When the French colonists arrived in Vietnam, they brought several ingredients that did not yet exist in the East, such as asparagus and potatoes. The French used a lot of onions in their dishes. Onions are one of the backbones of French cuisine. In Vietnamese they are known as hành tay, they’re often quick-pickled and used as a garnish for other dishes. Coffee was another ingredient found more commonly in Vietnam than in surrounding areas. The French had started drinking coffee in the 1600s when it was introduced from the Middle East and brought to Vietnam 200 years later. It was quickly adapted into the Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Vietnam has an excellent climate for growing coffee — the proof: today, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter.Religion The first French Catholic missionaries began to arrive in Vietnam in the 17th century. Of those missionaries, one of the most important was Alexandre de Rhodes. Who managed to convert around 6,000 people between 1627 an 1630. Although he was later expelled a long with many over missionaries, the lasting impact of Christianity is shown by the 6% of the Vietnamese population who remain Roman Catholic to this day.Conclusion The conclusion I came up with while doing research for the question “How did influence of French colonialism affect the people of Vietnam?” is that the French changed many things that belonged to the Vietnamese culture. First would be their history, the French came and started wars and got Vietnam written down in the book of history that histories would read later on in the future. They also changed Vietnamese literature by changing the way the vietnamese would read and write. The Vietnamese used to have a Chinese like writing system because they were once controlled by the Chinese. Once the French took control of everything they changed the Vietnam economical, social, and politically. Vietnamese people used to work for themselves and only caring for their families. Once the French came in they started working not for themselves anymore but for their French overlords. This changed seemed by however it brought Vietnam into a start were they started to grow. Their cuisines also changed due to the French, by being over vegetables and teaching the Vietnamese more about coffee, it changed their cooking for the better. Lastly, from everyone that was from the colonization I feel that Alexandre de Rhodes was the most beneficial person of them all. Not only did he changed Vietnamese people’s beliefs in religion but he also changed the Vietnamese literature. After all the research I have done about the French colonization I feel like it didn’t hurt Vietnam but improved them.


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