The many recipients.” (Verlinsky, 2005, p.24) The

Thedesigner babies may cause new illness which cause by the gene changing. “Theloss or alterations of genes involved in the damage response pathways have beenreported in many cancer susceptibility syndromes and in sporadic tumors.Furthermore, this surveillance pathway is activated during early tumourigenesispresumably due to uncontrolled replicative cycles and has been recognized asone of the main barriers against the development of cancer.” (Kiviharju-afHällström and Laiho, 2008, p.902) Many cancers are cause by the genetic changeswhich make the cell changes, the designer babies need to change the gene of thecell of the babies, there will be risky to make the new illness that peoplecan’t solve out. And the diseases which cause by the gene lost are not just thecancer, there will be more kinds of new diseases that people need more time andmoney to deal with. The designer babies can use to avoid the illness which aretaken from parents and other, “The preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) ofhuman embryos permits those embryos carrying gene disorders or a non-diploidchromosome constitution to be identified.

Numerous disease genes includingthose with a late onset have been identified and the conditions averted inchildren. Risks of abortion have been reduced, and the incidence of live birthsraised after PGD. It is also possible to select embryos with human leukocyteantigens (HLA) identical to those of a sick elder sibling, and then use stemcells from cord blood at birth to supply the necessary therapy. This form oftreatment has alleviated the inherited disease in many recipients.” (Verlinsky,2005, p.24) The designer babies can make people get less disease which isbenefit for people.

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However, known diseases that humans can prevent, treat orcontrol, but the unknown diseases are more harmful to humans that there are noknown treatments and controls. So the designer babies shouldn’t be allowed becauseit is penny wise and pound-foolish.     The designer babies will increase thepopulation pressure, because it will make more babies come to our world.

Grepperud(1996) found that a rapid degradation of land wouldtake place when the pressure from people and livestock exceeds some threshold,if the designer babies was accepted by most people, the population of the worldwill increase fast and the population pressure of the earth will be moreserious. But the designer babies is benefit for the aging countries which havethe low Birth rate, “The number of individuals aged 60 years or older isprojected to double as a proportion of the world’s population and to more thantriple in number over the next 50 years.” (Tucker and Buranapin, 2001, p.17) Theaging people will be more in recent years, “While population aging is a globaltrend, its impact is not equal; over the next decades, today’s developingcountries will likely contend with double challenges at least in these areas.”(Higo and Khan, 2015, p.146) And the aging problem is not equal in thedeveloped and developing countries, developed countries need the designerbabies and the developing countries will need the technology too. The developedcountries suffer from this problem now, and in the near future, the developingwill face this problem too.

Although the problem do not appear at the same timein the developed and developing countries, the designer babies will be neededto solve the problem. However, the designer babies can be used to solve the agingproblem in the aging countries, it will cause the population pressure in theworld which is more serious. So the designer babies should not be allowed anddeveloped.     In a word, the designer babies have someadvantages that make it may be good for people, but there are some more seriousproblem that make it better not to be allowed and developed.

The designerbabies should be banned, because it debates morality, has low rate to success,may cause new illness, and increase population.


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