The took part in various art competitions as

Theimportance and relevance of art to today’s world has led me to want to pursuethe subject at a higher level at university.

My acquaintance with art beganwhen I started school at the age of five and my interest in art and design hasgrown ever since. I took part in various art competitions as a child and oftenwon prizes for my work. I am also eager to learn more in the field of art anddesign. I enjoy learning from other artists by visiting different galleries andmuseums. This has taught me to appreciate their individuality and creativityand I hope to develop these skills through further study. I believe I canachieve that through hard work and devoting a sufficient amount of time towardsthis goal. That is why I have chosen this course. During my school years I wasvery involved in the art department.

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I worked for the set and props departmentfor all the school plays as well as participating in them and I am currently onthe art committee in my school.     I also have valuable work experience intheatre and film sets. I have worked in the costume department for the TV show”Vikings” with Emmy winning costume designer Joan Bergin. I amfamiliar with film sets as well as T.V sets from working on the biopic film”Mary Shelley”, where I helped the set dressers and prop designers. Ialso spent time in Boston working on a theatre production about Russianactivist band Pussy Riot.

From my work experience with fashion designer SimoneRocha, I gained further knowledge and appreciation of fashion and costume design.These work experiences have added to my desire to pursue art and added to myskill set that would benefit me during my studies.     I am lucky enough to have travelled a lotthroughout my life, visiting places like Africa and South America. I haverecently volunteered in a school in Ghana, where I taught art and science toyounger children. My experience taught me empathy and patience, which I findhelpful while working on my art.

I have always loved visiting other countries,which has led me to embrace and appreciate other cultures. That is why Ibelieve I will enjoy studying in London, because it is one of the mostculturally diverse and inspirational cities in the world, which provides theperfect canvas for any art student. London is home to many of the world’sgreatest artist and art galleries containing unique masterpieces. Londonprovides endless opportunities for students like me and I’m eager to seize allthem when I can. I would be truly delighted to be offered a place on thiscourse because I believe it is the best suited to me to help me further developmy artistic abilities.


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