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The Beatles started out as aBritish skiffle band, however theband did not end their music career in the same fashion. The Beatles dominatedthe music industry and bands began trying to replicate their style, but foundit difficult due to their uniqueness. For this reason, many talented bands didnot receive deserved fame and were left in the dust. The Beatles’ popularityled to fans’ global investment in them over other artists–and this phenomenonwas not short lived. The Monkees are a prime example of a band who triedto replicate the Beatles.Many may remember The Monkees, butthe band did not reach their potential due to timing and the then fame of TheBeatles.

Without The Beatles, The Monkees would not exist. The Monkees mimickedThe Beatles’ every step. “Last Train to Clarksville”by the Monkees, for example, is almost a direct replica of “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles. The sound isincredibly similar. The Monkees VinylAlbum, July 2007 | Source: Bradley Loos/captionSince both of these bands werebefore the times of social media, their presence remained on radio, televisionand print media, which were their main promotional tactics. The Beatles gainedovernight success due to the Ed Sullivan Show, an important gig to score. TheMonkees gained their fanbase through television too.

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The Monkees were originallycreated as a cast for a TV show about a band of four, imitating theBeatles’ film, A Hard Day’s Night. The band was a corporate response toThe Beatles’ fame. The Monkees were meant to replicate a British band, and yetonly one of the band members was actually British. The members never actuallysang their own music–it was prerecorded and written by others. The talent of the Monkees is highlydebated.

The Monkees stood in the shadow of The Beatles, and were behind thetimes in terms of their music. Both bands highly benefitted from the use ofTelevision. The Monkees rose to fame by copying The Beatles and obtained itthrough the popular media outlet of the time.Davey Jones, The Monkees, March 2012 | Source: Truus, Bob & Jan, too! The Beatles Live,August 2009 | Source: Reinap/captionIn 1966, The Monkees were trying tochase The Beatles’ 1964 image. The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 for a numberof reasons, one being that the material being produced was no longer possibleto play live due to the techniques used to manipulate their sound. Their musicin ’66 was very different than it was at the start of the ’60s, and it was atthis time that The Monkees were trying tomimic The Beatles’ early sound.The Beatles were known to definethe music of their time and were inspirational to many who followed. TheMonkees’ efforts to imitate The Beatles lacked in timeliness and originality,however the band still managed to reach stardom and maintain a large fanbase.



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