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The newspaper isincluded in the multidisciplinary field of media discourse. Newspapers differ according togeographical area and readership. The function of a newspaper is to give factsor information and entertain people; to present them interpretation of events,even in articles that might appear to be objective. Journalists and editorsusually select news and they decide what to leave in or leave out.

The newsreports themselves rely on large-scale recontextualization of elements takenfrom other text, genre and discourse. They can be analyzed as interconnectedchains, which consist of network of text or genre chains. Genre chains, is a particular grouping ofdiscursive genres characterized by the systematic and mandatory passage intoother(s). Successful genres ordered in aspecific chronological sequence in which one genre is often a important antecedentto another. Such orders can be used as a planning tool for discoursecommunities familiar with each genre. Genre chains constitute one kind ofrelationship within Swales’ (2004)”constellations of genres.

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” A key aspect of such constellationsis that we are not able to find genres in isolation. A useful notion here isthat of ‘genre sets’ to refer to the part of the entire genre constellationthat a specific individual or group engages in, either productively or receptively(Devitt, 1991). We can also draw closer to genre constellationsthrough ‘genre chains’, which refers to how spokenand written texts are grouped together in a given social activity. Thus genres often follow each otherin a anticipatable chronological order, such as a job application whichinvolves a step wise procedure through job advertisements, curriculum vitae,applications letters, interviews, and so on. Genre chains are sometime sequencein such a way that Text A leads to Text B, which in turn leads to Text C.

Letter to the editor give a usefulexample of genre chains in that they sometimes refer to and infer knowledge ofother genres and other anteceding events. Letters to the editor (sometimes abbreviated LTTE or LTE) areshort articles used for two purposes:1) with connection to previously publishedarticles , they exhibit agreement or disagreement, and 2) They explain detailof the original article.


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