The you find out more about D-day.

The Weapons, the enemies, the allies, the victories. The Invasion of Normandy has brought lots of destruction, many victories, and people we can trust. Maybe you had a great, great, great, grandfather in the Invasion of Normandy also known as D-day.

This article will help you find out more about D-day.   The Allies In the invasion there were two kinds of people the first kind was called the allies. They were the good people you could say.

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The allies were the Americans, the British, the Canadians, the French, the Australians, New Zealand, Indians, China, and The Soviet Union. There were 156,00 Americans, British, and Canadians.  The allies free Western Europe from Nazi-Germany.

  The EnemiesIn the Invasion the second kind of people were the enemies. The enemies were Germany, Italy and Japan. They were known as the Axis Powers. The reason the war started was because Hitler wanted Germany to rule over Europe and Japan wanted to rule over Asia and the Pacific. So the first attack started when Japan invade China and Germany invaded Poland. At the time Germany had 55 divisions in France. It took Germany’s forces two weeks to reach the front because they were delayed by spies. WeaponsIn the battle the allies had used many different weapons.

Most of the weapons the allies used were guns and bombs. When I mean guns I mean like submachine guns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, and anti-tank weapons. For bombs they used some like grenades to kill people and the used land mines to kill people and destroy tanks. The allies also had 672 warships along the coast of the Normandy beaches. They also trained with rocket launched grapenhooks. The allies used B-26 Marauder Bomber To drop smoke bombs on the Axis Powers. Now for the Axis Powers weapons were the same, but here are some that they used.

The axis powers used machine guns, small tanks, and smoke launchers. Some vehicles like duks tanks were very important weapons and equipment.Struggles Most of the struggles were caused by storms. Like on june 19th a horrible storm hit the beaches and for the next three days waves pounded the beaches. That was bad because most of the allied warships were along the coast of the Normandy beach. The allies had to to wait until beach was repaired. Which usually took a very long time.

They had to survive the while repairing the beach to me that is really hard. Another hard thing that the allies had to accomplish was that they had to climb a 100 feet all cliff which the cliff was covered in many german guns, many were killed climbing that cliff. Now the axis powers didn’t have a very rough time unlike the allies. The axis powers were short on food, men, and weapons.

Allies might have had a bit more food, men and weapons but they went through a little more than what the axis powers went through. DestructionAllies freed the people in Cherbourg, Bayeux, and Caen, but their town was in ruins because of the battle. Most of the towns were blown up by bombings from the axis powers. 50,000 buildings were destroyed and 14,000 french civilians were killed before they were freed in August. More destruction happened on the beaches.

Like how the Normandy beach was the destroyed. Then there were the destruction on all the places that the battles took place. The places got blown up because of bombs and land mine. The most destruction was the battle.  Many VictoiresThe allies have many victories. Their first victory was when they surprised the axis powers. The allies made the axis powers think that they were going to one place. So the axis powers went there, but no one was there.

So they went to another place and the axis powers got attacked from behind. The allies also won the battle on Utah beach. When they won the had low casualties. Each beach besides Omaha was an eventful victory although some cost more lives than others. Now the axis powers had victory on one beach which was Omaha. How they won well…. They successfully slowed down the allied invasion on Omaha.

Which that costed 2,000 men.The Invasion of Normandy was a long and tiring battle. To the people fighting in the battle it took forever! A lesson that we all learned was to never fight! We should all be friends no matter what. Mh advice to all of you is to stop fighting with anyone now. Or a huge could start. Even if you’re siblings you could start a war you never know.

So stop when you are young.


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