The result of advances in both algorithms as

The realms of Embedded Systems, IoTbased devices and problem prediction are undergoing massive transformation inapplication domains, such as robotics, bio-informatics, and consumer-basedproducts as a result of advances in both algorithms as well as digitalimplementation platforms having unprecedented levels of logic density.Embedded Systems are finding a widevariety of use in the current high demand concepts of smart electronics andconnected devices.

But, while everything is being connected, not too manythings are being interconnected. Herein lies the opportunity to make industryleading advancements to the spectrums of next generation cognitive basedembedded systems. The vast popularity of electronics and IoT based devices hasresulted in an exponential increase in user data, which can be used to developa sense of cognitive ability using pattern recognition and problem predictionwhich in turn can bring significant advancements to provide seamlessinteraction between humans and machines. The use of cognitive analysis inembedded systems will not only make them future-proof, but also make themadaptable to problems they were not initially designed to solve.

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It is after a great deal ofself-assessment that I have decided to pursue graduate studies in ElectricalEngineering. My aim during graduate studies would be to work on microprocessorsand embedded systems to overcome the hardware limitation for processes ofcomputational intelligence, interconnectivity, and pattern recognition forembedded systems which would benefit spectrums of robotics, real time signalanalysis and problem prediction immensely. Such a system would have numerousapplications and the one that I am particularly interested in would be anextension to this system, which would enable embedded systems & robots tolearn object concepts and language models. Realizing such a system would helpme in achieving my definitive professional ambition of pursuing anentrepreneurial career in the field of Cognitive based Embedded Product Development.I am intrigued with the enormouspotential for research in these areas which has been revealed to me during myundergraduate studies and by the multiple projects which I completed over thesame. Subjects like Basic Electronics, Microcontrollers & Microprocessors,Digital Signal Processing, and VLSI Design got me hooked to the idea ofembedded solutions. To bridge the gap between industry standard technology andcollege coursework, I found it imperative to pursue an internship cum on-sitetraining at Hewlett-Packard during the summer break of my sophomore year whereI worked on Embedded Systems & Advanced Robotics designed a Human Gesturebased RFID Multitasking Robot.

I also worked on the conceptualization anddesigning of a solar powered Autonomous Multi-Level Soil Moisture Monitoring& Irrigation System which was part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi &ICAR’s new initiative for agricultural advancement “VISION 2050”. This systemremoved the human equation from irrigation work as it could do that by itselfthrough real-time monitoring of moisture content at various depth levels andsynchronizing the use of canal water & rainwater using weather parametersto achieve the desired level of water content in the soil, avoiding misuse ofwater in the process.For my final year project, I workedon developing an Automated License Plate Recognition System using MachineLearning. I designed an intelligent surveillance system capable of capturing& enlisting the characters on a license plate of a vehicle. Since there isno existing law to regulate the design oflicense plates in India, use of huge variety of fonts and even local dialectsis popular. As a result, I had to feed data in huge variation into the model,ranging from fonts to dialects to achieve a high accuracy rate. I also took upadditional courses in Data Structures & Algorithms and Computer Networkingfrom leading industry experts to further deepen my scope in Electronics andComputing. I also held the top scorer position of the batch in both thesecourses.

I completed several projects overthe course of my undergraduate studies and learnt that designing for productionuse forces us to think about important issues that could be ignored otherwise,and measurement of usage allows us to evaluate our own ideas more thoroughly. Ourkind is able to form concepts of things by classification and learning languageonly by interacting with others. With the sort of conceptualization that I havediscussed, I believe that we can achieve similar levels of learningcapabilities in machines.

Utilizing huge sets of data, supervised andunsupervised, proper use of data mining and pattern recognition, implementingproblem prediction and cognitive solutions analysis will shed light on morefacets of applications of embeddedsystems. All this is possible more profoundly if accompanied by state of theart purpose specific hardware. At the onset of my senior year, Ireceived an employment offer from Ericsson but soon saw my goals become morecoherent with my interests and based on my previous work in college, I knewwhat I aspired to achieve and where I wanted to make an impact on and pursuinga Master’s seemed to be the only logical step forward in guiding me ahead. I alsocame to a denouement that I was solely product driven but required more of analgorithmic & research level study for specialization in the field of Cognitive-basedEmbedded Product Development. I firmly believe thatmy entrepreneurial approach which I gained during my time at theEntrepreneurship cell at KIIT when coupled with the innovative Master’s programat University of Texas at Arlington would amplify my depth in the field by severalfolds and also help me accomplish my long term aspirations by enabling me tocarry out independent research and projects in the domain of Cognitive EmbeddedSolutions. I am particularly intrigued with the research and projects carried outby UTARI, specially in the domain of Automation and Intelligent Systems Researchand Human Machine Interaction and I believe that my research interests havedirect correlation with the developments taking place there, along with theworld-class study and research atmosphere, exceptional peers and an institutethat can help me accomplish my career goals.I look forward tomaking my contribution to the advancement of Electrical Engineering, startingat University of Texas at Arlington.


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