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The society needs social classes or else the whole society would be uneven and several of thejobs we rely on would be non extinctive. We also need the social class so that we cancategorize different types of people in a positive way and, so that we can live in a flurasted andsuccessful environment.First off, The deal with the social classes is that when several people first learn about thesocial classes they think ” this is extremely unnecessary and unfair.

” but they are absolutelywrong and if you think that than you might be wrong too. Here’s why, there has never been aplace in the entire world that has grown and flurasted without a social scale. Weather it’s fair ornot there will be a social scale and that scale needs to stay. Acording to ” Some have considered class a “necessary evil” and most social theories assume thathaving classes is, in itself, unfair and a “bad thing”.

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” the author explains ” But there is noexample of a successful (sustainable and growing) society which has not had social classes ofsome kind.”Also, a social class is not something created to ” judge” or ” offend’ people. It is truly justa way to sort people based on who they are. It’s not something made to be fair and there is nopossible way that in the world we live in everyone is going go and give all of their money so thateveryone will split it.

Since sometimes our world can be very dark, people would probably stealor even worse kill to get all the money they want. On the author states ” Liberal sociologists tell us that class is just one of the ways that wecan divide society, alongside ethnicity, gender, religion or social outlook. Class is just oneamong many ways to categorise people — no more important than any other.” she continues ” .

Class is just one among many ways to categorise people — no more important than any other.”Lastly, even though everyone would probably rather be on the top of the social scale,people need to understand that without these humans taking on all different roles, the societywould not be what it is today. For example, if I was working at the pizza store an all of my fellowcoworkers and I had a choice to be on the top of the scale, we all would probably pick to be onthe top of the classes. But, the pizza shop would have to become closed down because therewould be no one working there. On a website in titled the author states “It’s important to point out the adaptive benefits of having hierarchiesin society. For instance, Emile Durkheim (pictured in the teaser) argued in the Division of Labor(or Labour) in Society (1893) that people differ in ability, and that these abilities lead us to takeon a different role in the labor force.

Thus, some people will be turning screws and some peoplewill be managing others.”In conclusion ” even though it’s not fair it must be there”. In other words we must have asocial scale in order to keep places successful and have the stories people rely on. Plus it is anot trying to be offencive it is just a simple way to categorize people based on who they are.


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