The assigned to a parenting program, intervention

The secondarticle published in 2002 about : ” Effect of MaternalConfidence on Breastfeeding Duration: An Application of Breastfeeding Self-EfficacyTheory”      The aim of this study was to assess the effectof maternal confidence (breastfeeding self-efficacy) on breastfeeding duration.A prospective survey method was conducted with 300 women in the last trimesterof pregnancy recruited from the antenatal clinic of a large hospital inAustralia.  It applied by telephoneinterviews from 1 week to 4 month  postpartum to assess infant feeding methodsand breastfeeding confidence using the Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Scale.       The studyconclude the Results by Mothers with high breastfeeding self-efficacy weresignificantly more likely to be breastfeeding, and doing so exclusively, at 1week and 4 months postpartum than mothers with low breastfeeding self-efficacy.So maternal breastfeeding self-efficacy has a big role for predictor ofbreastfeeding duration and level. Integrating self-efficacy improvingstrategies may enhance the quality of care that health care professionalsdeliver and may increase a new mother’s confidence in her ability tobreastfeed.

     The third article published in 2013 about:”Social Learning Theory Parenting Intervention Promotes Attachment-Based Care givingin Young Children: Randomized Clinical Trial”       Theaim of  study examined the spread towhich a social learning theory– based treatment enhance change in qualities ofparent–child relationship derived from attachment theory. The method thata randomized clinical trial of 174 (4-6) year-olds selected from a high-needurban. were assigned to a parenting program, intervention group was (N=88) ornonintervention condition (N=86). Three tasks: (a) free play, (b) challengetask, and (c) tidy up were assessed in home observations of parent–childinteractions.      The findings evidence that standard sociallearning theory when applied parenting interventions can modify and change broaderaspects of parent–child relationship quality and increase clinical andconceptual questions about the uniqueness of existing treatment models inparenting research.

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