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The Thirteen Colonies
The 13 colonies are extremely important to America’s history. Many of the colonists came for similar reasons like new opportunities, wealth, and religious freedom. Despite these similarities, there are a few distinct variations between every colony. These variations are the factors that create it or break it when deciding which colony; I would have chosen to live in back then. However, I am not going to discuss all of the 13 colonies, but I will talk about some of them in this essay
I would have chosen to live within the Pennsylvania colony during this time period. The Quakers established the Pennsylvania colony after suffering and being severely persecuted in England because of their opposition to the Church of England. Therefore, the Quakers established a liberal government in their colony where religious freedom was granted. Since religion was so controversial during this time, this is a major positive for me when choosing a colony. They also believed in total equality, even for ladies. In this colony, girls had bigger freedom than anyplace else at the time. Ladies were allowed to completely participate in conferences, which were uncommon elsewhere throughout this time period. Additionally, the colonists of Pennsylvania strived for good relations with the Native Americans. Seeing how history panned out, I feel that the Native Americans should have been treated far better. Personally, I’m a peaceful person, therefore going into a land that’s already inhabited I’d want to make friendships and see how we could assist one another instead of fight the Native Americans and push them off their land. Lastly, skilled artisans and farmers swarmed here. This means that I would have access to food and different products. This puts the Pennsylvania colony a step higher than the remainder and really made it the foundation, or heart, of English colonies. The Pennsylvania colony had several benefits compared to different colonies.

There are a couple of colonies that I’d undoubtedly not want to live in. the first is the Jamestown, Virginia colony. This colony was one of the first colonies; therefore, the people that came here took a serious risk. I’m undoubtedly not a risk-taker. These colonists additionally settled on marshland making the land poor for farming and the nearby water dirty and salty. Living on unhealthy land or with unhealthy water is tough enough however; the combination would present major issues. Additionally, these colonists suffered from the disease, particularly malaria carried by Mosquitos, and plenty of die within the first year. People who did not die from disease faced “the Starving Times.” as the name suggests, the food supply was dwindling and a few colonists even resorted to cannibalism. On top of the already various issues, the colonists of Jamestown, Virginia had dangerous relations with the American Indians. The American Indians captured Captain John Smith of Jamestown, Virginia and later attacked the colony, killing the majority of its settlers. The survival rate for settlers of the Jamestown colony was very low because of dangerous land and water, disease, food shortage, and dangerous relations with American Indians. The mix of all of those problems presents a tough life even though one survived and therefore, I would not wish to live in this colony.I would also not want to live in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Puritans settled this colony and had strict religious beliefs and rules and harsh punishments. The church was necessary and missing it might lead to a fine. A person who holds a long pole additionally patrolled the church; one end consisted of feathers used to tickle the chins of old men who fell asleep and the alternative end was a tough wooden knob to alert youngsters who giggled or slept. The Puritans believed that God decided every person’s fate at birth and nothing can be done to alter it. Hangings and whippings were common punishments in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Additionally, the church controlled most of the power. Even though ministers weren’t allowed to hold political office, the clergy made the majority of the necessary choices. Lastly, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was truly a man’s world. Ladies weren’t included in town conferences or decision-making. They were to be patient, prudent, silent, fruitful, etc. The general attitude of the Puritans appears to be that they’re better than everybody else. They considered themselves “a model of Christian Charity” and declared their purpose to be “as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all individuals are upon us.” These traits appear to be characteristic of the oppressive ways of England that a lot of colonists were attempting to be free from. As a woman who enjoys her rights and freedoms, I would not want to live in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Lastly, I would not wish to live in the Georgia Colony. James Oglethorpe asked King George for permission to create an experiment. The settlers of the colony in Georgia were English debtors who were discharged from jail under the conditions that they live in the Georgia colony following certain rules. They got a bit of land that they work and live on and that couldn’t be sold. There was also no slavery allowed in Georgia, not like the opposite Colonie, and alcohol was prohibited. The debtors were forced into this manner of life so many felt trapped. Another issue was debtors who thought the land distribution was unfair because some received fertile land whereas others didn’t. Ultimately, the plan failed and plenty of the Georgia settlers took off for the Carolinas. I might not want to live in this colony because, first, I hope I would not have been a prisoner. Secondly, you can’t put a bunch of prisoners in one place, demanding they follow your rules, force them to live in a specific manner of life, and expect nothing to go wrong. This would have been a scary colony to live in and would be a very sad life.


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